Monday, January 07, 2013

Nail polish {flossy flossy}

I saw a picture today that was posted to a blog, that was reposted from another blog, that was posted from the original blog (kinda of like my sister's friend's mother's aunt's dog said this...). Of course, I can't remember which bloggy friend I found the picture on, but here is the Pinterest pin, because I had to save it:

I wasn't so impressed by the multi-colored nails here, but more the use of glitter. Needless to say, when I pinned this picture, I didn't think I would be on the hunt for a good glitter nail polish. But... it happened, and I was.

I just HAD to get out of the house today. With a sick dog and a sick boyfriend, I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. The house was a mess, and I know I'm not going to get sick because I was the one who passed the illness along, but all the germs were beginning to get to me. My purpose for leaving to stock up on cleaning supplies, of course.

But then I decided to rent a Redbox movie, which lead me to Walgreens, and then I had to go inside to see if there were any good deals and I spotted the PERFECT nailpolish for this look. 

Fergie has teamed up with Wet n' Wild for her own line. I don't really use Wet n' Wild's makeup products, but I had heard good things about their nailpolish, and since this was just glitter, it was a go! Plus, it was only $3.49, so I really couldn't pass it up. I needed something with large sequin-y type glitter. This one is great because it has a variety of types of glitter unlike the above picture. I especially like the colors... they are a little more pastel, like a rose gold shade (the name of the color is Flossy Flossy). I thought they would look perfect with one of my new Julep shades, "Jodie".

So apparently, I'm not good at taking photographs lately, because this picture does NOT do my nails justice. The Julep shade is pretty accurate here, but you can't really see all of the different glitters, they kind of look black. I think I might put another layer of the glitter on my ring finger. I'm afraid of adding too many layers and making it super thick, which it is starting to get there. 

Does anyone have any tips on achieving this look? I'm not a nail artist by any means. Also, all of the pictures I see out there of photographed nails, what is the trick to make them look so much better than my picture?


  1. I had to lol @ this post. This was totally me about a year ago.. until I discovered Instagram. There were so many inspiration and learning tips from them It was amazing I instantly got hooked and started hoarding polish LOL. I'm still not the greatest, but I do love painting my nails and trying new colors and things like that... When taking a picture try holding your fingers closer together while holding the nail polish bottle at the tip of your fingers, and take the picture from the top angle, you take great photos- I know you can do it!!! =) <3 Christin

    p.s. check out IG! #nailart #nailartaddict and such hashtags

  2. So funny. Teryn (fancyyancy) and I go back and forth pinning eachothers nail pins. this glitter is actually Milani...also sold at the drugstore. The ring finger is actual glitter. just use a clear coat and sprinkle it on. Teryn and I do this all the time. nail photos are difficult to need both hands to stabilize the camera. A for effort!

    XxAndeexx Shabby Kitteh blog



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