Sunday, January 06, 2013

My super cool goodwill finds

I'm weird... I won't lie! I have this weird thing about buying thrifted clothes. Here is my weird thing: I don't do it! There is something about buying an article of clothing when you don't know who was wearing it before you. Someone could have vomited on that item of clothing! Or someone could have had sex in it... you don't know!

But, something came over me and I bought a few tops from Goodwill. I actually went in there to look at their home decor, but they had NOTHING, or at least it seemed. And then I remembered a post on Pinterest that I wanted to recreate, but I needed a sweater for it (and I wasn't about to tear up a sweater I already had or buy a brand new one!).

Here is what I found (and keep in mind, I just threw them on. They aren't styled in any way. I didn't even try them on in Goodwill, so I thought some crappy bathroom pictures were in order. I did make sure to wash them all first, before I put them on!)

Top #1:
Grey Turtleneck with 3/4 sleeves and button collar from Banana Republic. $3.25 

Top #2:
  Black, Long Sleeve, Dolman Sweater from The Limited. $3.25
But it has a hole!
 I definitely didn't notice until I tried this on that there was a huge hold under one of the arms! It actually looks like someone tried to sew it up and then it ripped open again. I wonder if my seamstress can do miracles... if all else fails, at least its easily hidden, because this top ended up being my favorite!

Top #3:
Khaki, Cable Knit Sweater from The Gap. $4.50

Top #4:
Tan Sweater, with NO TAG!
I have no idea what its made of, the brand, or the size. 
However, this is the sweater that I have big plans for.
    Here is my inspiration from Pinterest:

p.s. Is there a way to search for a pin within your own boards? It took me forever to find this for some reason! I almost looked it back up, just to repin it. 
And I'm not much of a sewer. My question to all of you who can sew and so stuff like this: Will I be okay to do this with a needle and thread? I'm nervous about it all unraveling.

Here is what else I have one:
Camisole: Forever 21 $4.80
Jeans: American Eagle "Artist"  $29.99

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  1. A thrifter after my own heart. I love thrifting. That is basically what my blog is about...and beauty.
    I nominated you for an award. I hope you take a minute to check it out. I pray your blog prospers in 2013




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