Sunday, January 06, 2013

My december favorites

1.) e.l.f. cream eyeliner in gunmetal. I've been using this eyeliner a lot lately. Mine is in 
gunmetal, which isn't pictured. For some reason, I thought when purchased it, I needed a more 
neutral shade (I definitely need to buy black). Anyways, I use this with the brush provided to 
create a winged eyeliner and then I go back over with the same brush and a black eyeliner. 

2.) Viva la Juicy perfume by Juicy Couture. This has been my favorite perfume for a little 
over a year now. I'm too cheap to buy myself a full bottle of perfume and have been living off 
a small sample bottle a friend got me last Christmas. I was so excited when the boyfriend got 
me a bottle for Christmas this year. I have been wearing it almost everyday since Christmas.

3.) Revlon tourmaline hair dryer. I also received this as a Christmas gift from the boyfriend's 
wonderful grandmother. I was asking for a new hair dryer because I dropped my old one in the 
toilet while we were on vacation this past summer. It still worked, but it worried me to continue 
using it much longer (but thankfully, the toilet water was clean!). My old dryer was also a 
Revlon, but I like this one so much better! It dries my hair in about half the time (my hair holds  
a lot of water) and I am really liking the retractable cord. Plus this comes with the nozzle 
attachment and diffuser. 

4.) Yogi Blueberry Slim Life green tea. Yogi is my new favorite tea brand. I especially like the 
that the little tags at the end of each string has a different inspirational quote (kind of like a fortune 
cookie). This tea has a nice, sweet, strong flavor without being overly-so. Its a nice change to my 
typical cup of green tea every morning.

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