Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Empties review {cargo liquid foundation}

I few days ago, I did a post called Which foundation should I choose?. I was nearly out of my current foundation and I couldn't make up my mind for a replacement. I needed a replacement because I did not like this foundation... let me tell you why.

I was using Cargo Liquid Foundation, which I had purchased from Ulta a few months ago for $36. In case you don't know, I have super oily skin and have to be careful about what I put on my face or I end up a giant greaseball. I chose this one because it was Oil-Free and had some really good reviews by other people who have oily skin... plus, I thought the bag-style packaging would be really convenient.

And, the packaging was pretty convenient! I did like that, but you definitely have to be careful how hard you squeeze because foundation flew across the bathroom once or twice.

But here is what I didn't like: With me having such oily skin, I sometimes have trouble with my foundation oxidizing when it mixes with the oils. I have never found a foundation that turned so orange on my skin...until this one. Usually around 2-3pm, my foundation will start to shift on my face (leaving certain areas such as my eyebrows and hairline) and turn orange at the same time (which meant the areas of my face where the foundation wasn't, was just white). Some of this can be to blame on my primer, but even when I tried a new primer, this was still an issue (just a little bit later in the day).

It was $36, so I wasn't about to throw it out. And I drove over an hour just to buy this foundation from Ulta, so returning it was a bit of an issue. I just sucked it up and finished the tube... thinking the further into winter we got, the better it would sit (my skin sometimes gets more combination, depending on the weather that year).

Pros: Convenient packaging
Cons: Oxidizes on oily skin.
Repurchase?: No, I have already purchased another foundation. 

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