Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My OCTOBER Favorites

October 2012 Favorites

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup
I received a sample of this foundation after watching a beauty guru use it on youtube.com. I had just recently purchased another foundation that I wasn't 100% happy with, so I wanted to try this. The small sample I received has lasted me a few weeks (I use it about 1x/week). 
This foundation gives me the most natural, long-lasting finish of any other foundation I have tried (at least for this time of year). It's really hard for me to find a good foundation, because I have extremely oily skin... but this one makes it through the day without melting away or turning orange. As soon as I finish my other foundation, I will definitely be purchasing a full-size bottle of this.

Ruff Hewn "Chicory" Boot
I just purchased these boots about 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVE them! I received a coupon from Elder-Beerman for $50 off a purchase of $100 or more (pretty good deal, if you ask me!). I managed to buy these and two other pairs of shoes, but these are, by far, my favorite. Now I just need to buy some skinny jeans to pair with them. 

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Abstract Pattern Scarf
My mom purchased this scarf for me last Christmas and I have been wearing it quite a bit so far this season. I wear a lot of black, so this goes perfectly with most of my outfits. I just really love how it lays against my chest (something I'm pretty picky about when it comes to scarves). I usually just loosely wrap it around, without tying it or anything. My only complaint is that the ends are beginning to fray, but I have washed it a couple times.

I've had a pretty nasty the past week or so.. (I even left work early today because of it. I've never missed work due to illness since starting at the jewelry store). I went to a doctor's appointment for my cold last week, and she recommended this. I must say, it works wonders! My cold did get worse, and this wasn't working so well (I'm not sure if I built tolerance or what). 
All of the sinus drainage I had was putting pressure on my ear canal, which is one of the most irritating feelings in the world. I took this, and it immediately started working and I felt about 95% after that. I will say that it recommends drinking a full glass of water with it, and the one time I didn't, my stomach felt irritated. 

Maurices Crochet Top
I actually JUST purchased this shirt and have already worn it twice. I'll be honest... I normally don't pay full prices for things at Maurices but I fell in LOVE. I just really like how it has a casual, bohemian look to it. Both times I've worn it, I pair it with my Simply Vera scarf that I mentioned earlier. Its just such a nice look that I can dress up or down.

I was not compensated for my views on any of the items above. I either purchased all items myself, received as gifts from family/friends, or requested samples on my own free will.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pinned Fashion Thursday {Leopard}

I am definitely NOT into the zebra print thing. Can you get any more tacky? However, I'll take Leopard print any day... and don't ask me the difference... I have no clue.

& Yes, I apparently like my models to be without heads... hehe.


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