Monday, November 08, 2010

Are Spiders A Sign?

Today has been a weird day.... 

But the weirdest of all, I have seen 9 spiders so far.

I saw one on my windshield as I was leaving the college.
One of my back windshield as I was leaving my friend's house. (Mind you, I highly doubt it was the same spider. Its at least a 20 minute drive, not including my trip to Burger King and then to her house and the time I spent inside..)
And then, when I got to my house, I saw 7 Spiders on the garage door! SEVEN! And the weirdest thing is that they were all the same! At least they appeared that way... I wasn't about to look at the fine details, as I am pretty scared of spiders. 

So now I'm sitting here, trying to find out what kind of omens spiders give and feeling like I have them crawling all over me. Ugh.
But on a good note, it seems as though spiders are a sign of good luck to come, and most of the sites I found said something about them meaning financial good luck. Does this mean I will finally get a new job?! I sure hope so. 

But 9 spiders altogether has to have some sort of significance! And who's to say that I won't see more? Its only 3pm.
What are your inputs? Maybe you know more about spiders than I do...

p.s. I thought about finding a picture of the spider that I keep seeing, but I'm too scared to go through spider pictures, because I really hate spiders. Especially those really big ones in the Middle East... and tarantulas. Uck.


  1. We has a HUGE spider in our bathroom last night which I had to get rid of because my boyfriend has arachnophobia. But if spiders are a sign of good luck, then you better look out for some really amazing things to happen soon! haha

  2. OK, OK - First of all, I have a completely irrational spider fear and I am not sure how I would have dealt with your day! However, I MUST know... it has been four days - have you had any INCREDIBLE good luck?? This may be enough for me to stop fearing spiders and start SEKING them out!! :)

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  4. So, did you ever find the Chamber of Secrets?



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