Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Country chic baby shower planning

I am having such a difficult time. You would think this would be easier.

One of my really close friend's is pregnant! Yayy! Okay, so she's 5 months along, so some of that excitement is gone. Anyways, she's having two baby showers. One, her mom is planning for her family, and the other, I am planning for everyone else. This is because the one that her mom is planning is going to be a little farther than most of her friends will want to travel.

She's having a little baby girl. Miss Makenzy Elaine, and we're thinking of doing a country chic shower. I would really like to have it outside, but in Ohio, in April... you can never be too sure what the weather will be doing. But we have these coffee shop in the town that I live in with a decent sized room that can be reserved. That would be fun, right? I've managed to find some inspiration photos. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other additional ideas. My main plan is to not make this too literal, and more real-life inspired. No baby farm animals or cowboy hats... hehe.

Oh, and I'm having a hard time finding shower invitations that I like that go along with the theme. If you know of anything, or know of any people or Etsy shops that make amazing invitations for a great price (Like $1.50 or less), let me know!

I thought the set up of this table would be really cute. I especially love the tablecloth. If only I could find a similar cloth in a more baby girl appropriate color.

My favorite part of this collage is the silverware cans at the top. That's a great way to display the silverware while recycling aluminum cans! I also like the snickerdoodle jar and display card.

Don't pregnant girls usually love pickles? I'm pretty sure Megan wouldn't mind!!
I thought these bags were really cute for giving away the baby shower gift bags and game winnings.

I love this, I just need help, once again, figuring out a way to make it more baby-fied and cute.

I thought finding different jars from thrift shops to display a few flowers would be great table centerpieces.

Overall, I just really like this photo.... Maybe the paper fan things in the back! I could use different baby and country scrap paper? I also really like the table cloth, and how they have a raised portion on the table to make some of the food more accessible.

This is probably my favorite to decorate the chairs! Of course, I need to find out what kind of chairs will be available before I can figure out how to decorate them...

I thought making some homemade candles in old baby food jars would be a cute idea as gifts for the guests.

I love the "baby cake" idea for the guests. Does anyone know how to make similar bite-sized cakes?

Another display that I'm really impressed with. Especially the different shapes of the beverage holders. I was thinking a raised lemonade dispenser along with punch? What else do you think would be good?

This is the only invitation that I have been able to find so far, that I even remotely like...


  1. Oh I'm inspired and I don't know anyone having a baby at the moment. When I was having my daughter's kitchen tea/wedding shower, however, I got these cute mini bride & grooms and put them on the cup cakes. I also saw they had lovely booties, baby rattles that type of thing.
    I really love the country feel in the pics you have chosen for your "inspiration board".

  2. Love the 'country' feel! Many great ideas for a wedding too....if I ever met my country boy. :)

    Have you had any luck with the invites yet? I could try to make some for you. I enjoy playing around with PhotoshopElements. I also have the subscription to this wedding site where I can get invitations and such. I would make them, then send the image to you. You could print them yourself, or even send it off to get printed for cheap. Let me know!



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