Thursday, September 15, 2011

Barn Wedding = Fabulous!

So, since I haven't been blogging recently, I haven't been able to tell you that me and my wonderful boyfriend are looking for a house. There is is this beautiful brick farm house that I am absolutely in love with. ... I'll get back to this in a minute.

I was on Facebook last night, and the clothing website Ruche had an article on their blog, something about barn weddings and a lightbulb went off .... FABULOUS! (And no, this is not an announcement that I'm getting married).

This old barn house that I really Really REALLY want us to buy has a barn! And its not one of those barns that are falling over either. I really wanted to get a cow, but I think it will have to wait until I can have a wedding reception in my barn. 

Here are some pictures I found on Google that can show you exactly what I'm talking about...

And the picture that started it all, straight from Ruche's blog...


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  1. It was really fabulous, so nice ! I love those flowers arrangements and everything in the pic. Fabulous one !



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