Saturday, January 05, 2013

Julep maven {neons & nudes}

I got the greatest surprise on Monday morning! We checked out PO Box, and I had a box in there from Julep. I never even realized it had been shipped.

This month's box was named "Neons & Nudes". Every subscriber received one nude shade, and one neon. I think I would have been much more excited about these colors if it had been closer to spring.

The pink shade I received is called "Madison" and is a pretty hot pink. The nude, "Grace", I'm not so fond of. It is very faint and you can't even see much color. It would be a good base for a french manicure. That clear, kinda pinky shade...

Then I received a Hand & Cuticle Stick with shea butand peptides. I'll be honest... I'm really not sure how to use this. Do I just rub it all over my hands and then rub it in? Do I rub it on my cuticles? Seems like it would be less work to just use a lotion. From my attempt to use it, it was a nice light moisture.

Julep also started supplying "swatch me" stickers. It wasn't until I got directions for these stickers that I realized the nailpolish lids are actually two pieces! You can take the outer lid off. Anyways, these stickers are nice if you can only see your nailpolishs from above, and to see what it would look like once it is on your nail.

My final goodie were three cute neon hairties (at least I'm pretty sure that's what they are). I think these would be great for working out, and will definitely be a staple in my gym bag, if I ever go to the gym.

If you're interested in receiving your own subscription box from Julep, just click here to be directed to their site.

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