Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's freakin' friday {no. 19}

Where has the week gone? It's been a pretty long week yet quick week for me. I actually had the first half of my dental root cleaning, which I had been terrified of. Then tonight, I was lucky enough to go to dinner with one of my bestest friends that I hadn't seen in a couple months! So, I apologize... I feel like I am way behind on everything. I promise I will have my game together next week!

Now, let's get on to the linky party...


Requests of the blog hoppity hop:
  • Please, follow me via GFC or RSS feed, when putting your link in the blog hop. Provide the link to your main blog site.
  • Please put my blog hop button somewhere on your blog.
  • And if I feature a blog, please follow that blog as well. Its kind of like a giveaway by joining, and then reward is being featured. So this last one is not required, but its definitely greatly appreciated. 
I completely forgot to select a co-host for 
this week, so I decided that next week I
will have two co-hosts!

    Aloha Friday Blog Hop Ohsoamelia Chubby Cheeks ThinksMeet Me on the Brightside


    1. Totally awesome. I see you have a lot of talent, so I decided to follow :). I hope you can travel on over to my site: and follow. Hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks for your time...God Bless!

      Steven B. 0:)

    2. Following from the Fiday Bolg hop and happened upon yours. We are your newest follower and would love if you followed in return! Thanks for hosting this hop!



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