Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pinned Fashion Thursday {WHITE DRESSES}

I noticed a trend as I was scrolling through my 300-some fashion posts on pinterest... I obviously have a thing for White Dresses as a layered piece... here are a few of my favorites:

What do you think? Am I slightly obsessed? :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinned Fashion Thursday {FALL FASHION}

Now that I'm going to start blogging more often, I have decided to do something a little fun for my Thursday posts. I spend way too much time on Pinterest pinning clothing, so I have decided to post some of my favorites! Have fun!

Think I have a thing for Scarves? Hehe

Monday, September 03, 2012

Getting Settled In To The New House

It has been a realllyyyy long time since I have posted anything. My schedule has been absolutely INSANE. I'm working my full-time job at the jewelry store, I sell Scentsy Fragrance products, and promote my Life business... all on top of going to school. I get exhausted even thinking about it.

Anyways, I was thinking, I never posted pictures of the new house. The house is still nowhere being close to being finished (even though it has officially been ours for 8 months). With every thing I have going on, its hard to find the time... and its hard to find the money with all of the new bills we have acquired.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy...

Living Room Images:
The only real change that we ended up making to the living room was painting a different, but similar shade of green (without the diamonds & stripes!) and we added a ceiling fan.

Master Bedroom:
In the bedroom, we ended up painting the walls a light, smokey purple... I like to call it Spa Purple, but I really don't remember what the name of the paint was. We also painted the trim an off-white shade.
The closet is still a work in progress. We tore down the entire frame and inside walls. We put up pallet walls on the inside and I found this amazing nickle-plated wire closet kit from Rubbermaid and Menards. We have most of it up, but we are still working on it. I think I may go out and purchase some of the drawers that they have available.

We repainted the bottom of the walls more of a milk chocolate brown instead of the dark color that was there before. On top, we covered the stripes with a real light pinkish white. So far, I have blue accents in the bathroom... eventually it will all be decorated in blue & brown.

I think the kitchen will be a never-ending process. We painted the cabinets green and the walls a light smokey grey. The paint color actually ended up a lot lighter than we had anticipated. It was quite a pain with that bright orange underneath, and some spots still need a little work to be covered entirely (walls were textured, making it even harder). We added a light fixture and changed the globes on the fixture over the sink. We actually made this from candle holders and just drilled a hole in the bottom. All of our appliances are black. 
 Eventually, I would like to tear out that bench and put in a coffee bar. Especially so I can eventually take out one of the existing cabinets to put in a dishwasher. :) 


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