Monday, January 10, 2011

Uh oh, school is back in session!

This is my dilemma:

I love indie and bohemian fashion, without a doubt! But I’ve expressed before that I have trouble actually dressing the part. Don’t get me wrong… take me to a store and I can put together an outfit! But when it comes to me personally, my style consists of basics and that’s about it.

One of the things that I have a lot of are basic sweaters. I go to a community college, and a lot of the time I dress in a hoodie and jeans, but occasionally, I like to dress up a little more.

This would be my version of dressing up…

Does anyone out there know of how I can dress this up just a tad bit more? I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, especially to class.. and I can’t wear the high waisted belts because of my waist. So, what do you think? Any thoughts? HELP! :’(


  1. I think your outfit looks great. I'm no fashionista myself - but, maybe tie a cute little scarf around your neck or put a cute little flower headband or clip in your hair to spruce things up a bit?

  2. I concur about the scarf and headband! Also, some cute below the knee boots and a layered jacket/hoodie would dress it up! I think layering automatically gives an outfit some depth! But I like your outfit nonetheless!

  3. I do not know fashion. a scarf? Earrings? a cute ornate headband/barrette?
    But I do have a couple outfits from India I like to wear, esp the tunic tops.

  4. I too agree with throwing on a scarf or fun little flower.
    A tip from how I jazz up my wardrobe...because I also have many solid color sweaters/shirts. I mix and match the colors. I don't always wear just brown, black, white, or gray with the sweater. Maybe a little purple, orange, green, blue, yellow, get the idea. {But I also add some fun jewelry or a little flower pin to make it a little more fun.}
    Good luck! :)

  5. my first thought was scarf also. great minds, right? :) cute!

  6. Of COURSE I will suggest a scarf - they're the best pick me up for an outfit. Also think about an under tank or T with a bit of sparkle on it. Something like a beaded or sequined neckline, but not overly so. You want it to be enough to add a bit of notice, but not to look like you're headed out to the bar.

    Another thing to look into is a pair of fitted black pants instead of jeans. Toss on a fringed scarf and a pair of Converse and you have a cute casual outfit. Or go sleek with a silk or satin scarf and some cute flats.

    If you want to stick with denim, I'd go with a darker wash, either indigo or black. The darker jeans tend to add more oomph to the outfit, since they're considered the "going out" colors or whatever the kids call it these days.

    And don't lament having a bunch of classics in ye olde wardrobe. Accessories can change up a look like nothing else, and are lighter on the pocketbook to boot.


  7. Oh, and long layered necklaces. Blazers/jackets, etc.



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