Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Inspirations; no. 6

I’m going to try to fit this into my busy schedule! Partly because I’m sitting at work right now, and I am amazingly tired and definitely unmotivated to do any “work” (whether it be in the form of my job or homework). This is going to be my excuse not too.

Anyways, I decided today that I wanted to showcase floral patterns. A couple years ago, I would haven’t even looked at anything with flowers on it… but now I feel as though floral patterned clothing has a certain elegance to it. By this, I means its classic, vintage, romantic… you really can’t go wrong with floral.

Floral Ruffle Tank by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

Floral Shirt from American Eagle
Dancing Blooms Cardi at Anthropologie
Please be mine floral belted dress from Ruche
Bouquet Scarf by Evelyn K at South Moon Under

Nice floral flats by Blowfish at Ruche

Vintage Floral Carpet Bag at Free People

Battersea Sofette in Bloom at Anthropologie



Yayy! For florals! This is me a couple months ago in my favorite Lauren Conrad top from Kohl’s. She uses a lot of floral patterns in her line. :)


  1. Love the florals, thanks for the inspiration on a rainy Sunday morning!

  2. I love that first blouse. I like Ruffles & Straps.



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