Monday, January 31, 2011

Music madness; no. 9

I’ve been on a music downloading frenzy lately. So, that means I have plenty to show you! Way back when, the last song that I posted was The Big Pink’s “A Brief History of Love”. Did you listen to some of their other songs? A truly amazing band! I <3 them. Anyways… going on my tradition to mix things up (because I would probably give you the same band every week! Haha.) I needed to find a song where the artist/title was somewhat related to the last one. This week, I would like to present to you “Big Bills” by Flosstradamus feat. Caroline Polachek.

OH! & I just wanted to let you know… We have a TON of bananas that are too ripe to look appealing for the breakfast bar in the hotel that I work at. I’m going to take a few of them home, and make some super yummy delicious food with them. Expect a bunch of banana recipes in the near future. I think I’m craving some banana pancakes tonight for dinner. ;) (Yes, I know… breakfast for dinner… but that’s what happens when you wake up at 5am!)

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