Sunday, January 16, 2011

Country chic baby shower, continued…

Hey there everyone! I know I said my posting was going to become more infrequent, but I really need an excuse to procrastinate. …And I’ve done some more baby shower planning that I wanted to update you on!

  • I have officially reserved the locations of the baby shower. Seasons Coffee & Bistro in my hometown is the location! They have a very nice additional room and I’m super excited. I won’t be able to prepare my own food but I have no doubt that they will prepare something delicious. Because they’re not really a catering company, I think we’re just going to order a bunch of sandwiches, cut them smaller and then a large salad and they’re going to provide water, coffee, and tea. If anyone is interested in anything specific, they can always go out and order something on their own. I haven’t really talked to my pregnant woman yet (hehe!) but as of right now, I’m thinking Ham & Swiss Panini, Chicken Salad Panini, and B.L.T. Panini. Fortunately, the owner is allowing me to bring in a cake.
  • I’ve started making a list of things I need that I can at least think of at this point… Including clothespins. I know they would definitely bring out that country feel, but I’m really not sure what I would use them for at this time. Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing I can really think of is to make a banner with something like ribbon or yarn and then to use the clothespins to hang the individual letters. Are there any other ideas?
  • I also looked on Etsy for some inspiration on other things I could make/purchase at the baby shower. What do you think?

Garden Gift Tins Set of 10

It's A Girl Banner

3x5 Blooming Sprig Unbleached Muslin Bags

Pastel Pearlescent Pink Confetti

Bird 'n Birdhouse Kraft Round Paper Seals

Flower Vase

Handmade Gift Tags Victorian Baby


  • I have also gotten some inspiration for the diaper cake. Seems pretty easy to make!

1 Tier Diaper Cake

Peter Rabbit Diaper Cake

  • And now I need some help… Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can embellish my larger winnings gift bags. Something similar to the inspiration image or made out of tissue paper. I just need something cute and light weight.


The above is my inspiration picture. Below is another option that I’ve found that could work if someone can show me the easiest way to do this. Or, like I said, I’m open to your ideas…

Crepe Paper Carnation Poms

Thanks for all your help & ideas! Keep ‘em coming!


  1. Alrighty, I have some ideas.
    First...will there be games for this shower? I have a couple of game ideas in mind that could use the clothes pins.
    Those little tins are very cute! I know I have seen some tins like those at some craft store. So you could even make them yourself!
    The gift bags are great! Get yourself some lunch bags, rafia, and cut out some newspaper flowers. You could connect it all by a fun brad or rhinestone of some sort in the middle of the flower.
    Also, what size are you thinking for the invitations? I haven't put my idea together yet, but I'm ready to!

  2. You are amazing, what a blessing this shower will be for all those that attend! Would love you to stop by and sign up for my Scentsy giveaway, a free warmer and candle bar!

  3. Very cute baby shower ideas! For the clothes pins you can hang a ribbon somewhere around the room and use the pins to hang up little girl clothes(onesies,socks..)I've seen pictures of this online and it always looks very cute!



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