Monday, January 31, 2011

My super, amazing goodwill find

Since I’ve started blogging (and more importantly, reading all of your blogs), I have gained a new appreciation for thrifting and reusing. I like to cook (although, a few years ago, I was HORRIBLE), and I can already crochet/knit. I’m currently in the middle of a few projects, most of which are crochet projects. Eventually, I’ll have a pair of fingerless mittens to show you, and I want to show you the scarf I’m currently working on. In the near future, I plan on making an infinity scarf and a slouchy style hat. I’ve also made a can koozie, so I would really like to make another, so I can post the tutorial on here. Awhile back, on The Weekender, I featured some Book Boxes from another blog, and I’m currently working on one for myself. Lots of neat stuff coming up.

But, back to my original point (I do that a lot. You know, get off topic…)

On my last trip to Goodwill, I purchased the book for my book box (A Mother Teresa biography, I think. The title isn’t in English…) And an amazing set of dishes. I HATE current set. They’re just clear glass, nothing exciting. But this set was HUGE and has some personality! I bought 6 of each (except the cups and saucers, which I only bought 4 of because I know I won’t use those often) and paid a little more than $20. AWESOME!

Be jealous… be very jealous…


Don’t mind the price sticker still in the bowl. But do these look familiar to anyone? They’re stamped on the bottom, but its super faded, so I have no clue where they originally came from.


  1. I love them! Goodwill definitely has great dishes sometimes. I bought some years and years and years ago. I don't have them anymore, but it was an almost full set for about $20.

  2. Those are GREAT!! Congrats on the great find!! my dishes are black. just black. Had them for 19.5 yrs. I'd like a new set. and we have a couple replacements' for the ones that broke....

    (Our latest Forensic Science Activity:



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