Monday, September 20, 2010

Viva La Vie Boheme

I really enjoy Bohemian style. And for a couple years, I've been telling myself I want to incorporate a more bohemian look into my dress, but I really have yet to do it.

In the winter, I'll wear those scarves, and I wear chunkier jewelry on occasion, but I don't think you would say "Look at her! She's so bohemian" when you look at me.

So that's my goal... to dress more bohemian. What do you think? Is this way of dress overrated?

Okay, so there's this website that I found that has some really great tips on how to dress bohemian the right and wrong way.

Some Clothing Brands that I know of, so far...
Some great clothing lines I think I'm going to check out more often are:
Free People Free People is also on Bluefly, so that's a cheaper way to afford the brand. :)
Alternative Apparel
American Apparel
Does anyone know of any other clothing brands that are on the more bohemian side? Especially ones that are less expensive. The cost of Free People pushes it, but I absolutely love their style. I have yet to purchase any of their clothing, so for all I know, it could fit me awkwardly and look weird. I also prefer to shop at the Mall as opposed to shopping online. I like to touch things and try things on and in general, see things in person.

My Inspiration
Only the 2nd two... That dress is horrible!

These are just some styles that I can see myself wearing. I'm very body conscious because of my weight, so I'm not usually comfortable wearing shorts and skirts or really showing skin in general all that often. I do guess my fear is that these clothes are going to make me appear even wider than I already am? What are your thoughts? Or what are some ways to minimize this?

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