Monday, January 03, 2011

Day three; 11 in 2011

Today's prompt is my favorite workout tips. This is something I really need to take to heart. ...But here it goes!!
  • Exercise in the morning, to boost your metabolism for the day.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. This usually doesn't include cotton, because then your clothing will absorb and retain moisture (a.k.a. sweat). Check out companies such as Under Armour, especially if you're a runner.
  • For bigger muscles, you should do less reps with heavier weight. For nice, long, lean muscles, do more reps with a small amount of weight.
  • Make a pact with yourself to exercise everyday. If you just don't feel up to it, force yourself to go for at least 10 minutes. I can almost promise you that then you'll be motivated to finish your workout. 
  • This is something I learned in my anatomy class. Let's say you're a runner and you can run 5 miles no problem. No shortness of breath or anything. Try doing 5 miles at a higher altitude where there is less oxygen. Doing this can really strengthen your lungs. 
  • Eat carbohydrates before your workout to increase energy. Eat protein afterward to repair your injured muscles.
 Does anyone else have any great work out tips to share? I could use some inspiration!! && I can post them on Skinny Diva on Wednesday and give you and your blog credit! ;-)

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  1. I hopped over on the Magical Monday blog hop and WAS doing blog hopping until I read this post, now I am feeling guilty because Monday is my stationary bike day......Hummmmm guess I should go do that now THEN reward myself with the blog hop. Thanks for the motovation!!

  2. Hi I'm your newest follower from Magical Monday Blog Hop.

    Would love a follow back at;

    Sandie lee

  3. Ahhh so I should exercise, but all I feel like doing is a lot of nothing. Well no not really, I am working. But I did just get up and make some tea. :)



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