Monday, January 17, 2011

Look up, stop texting


LUST Baby Onsie

The Website

I found this website today, that is really inspiring me to write this post. Just to start, the website is LUST (Look Up Stop Texting). Almost everyone today has their face buried in their cell phones… texting, checking their email, updating their Facebook/Twitter, ..blogging (not, me. I would neverrrr do that! HA!). If we were to look up and get our heads out of our phones, we would be able to see the beautiful world around us.

The best thing that I find about this website is that its real people offering the advice, and this website is just a forum for doing so. …Kind of like a blog post saying “how do you quit texting?” and then people leave their responses. Plus, there’s a really awesome store with some cool merchandise. I soooo want a phone cover that says “Look Up Stop Texting” (Unfortunately, they only have Blackberry and iPhone… not HTC).

My Texting Story

I was kind of a late bloomer with my cell phone, or at least I felt that way. I graduated high school in 2006 and a cell phone was what I used my graduation money on (I had a hell of a security deposit since I had no credit at this point). In fact, my little sister in Texas who is 6 years younger than me had a cell phone long before I did. I had a prepaid Nokia phone (remember those things? Haha) but it was really just for emergencies and when I was home from a football game and needed my mom to come pick me up because I didn’t have a car yet.


I remember my mom and I  originally didn’t get texting because we didn’t think we were going to use it. After wracking up a few dollars in pay-per-text charges, we decided to go with the unlimited texting option. A couple months later my mom called to have our texting limits reduced in an effort to save money, obviously. (Hold on, maybe I should explain…. I purchased mine and my mom’s cell phones, they were both in my name, but she paid the monthly bill). Anyways, the operator told my mom that wouldn’t be a good idea because I sent on average, 3,000 texts per month. And that was only a few months after having my phone.

It’s been downhill from there… 4 years later and my head is still buried in my phone. It’s to the point that I get really aggravated if a teacher doesn’t allow cellphones/texting in class. What kind of crap is that? I know I’m supposed to be paying attention and all, but my friends need me too! HAHA!

In about the past year, I’ve really made an effort to not feel the need to reply to every single text I receive… but it would be nice to socialize again. …I should try harder.

What about your texting habits? Do you say no to the phone? Or are you like me and have it by your side 24/7? What motivates you to not text? And what do you see when you look up from your phone?






  1. This is a wonderful site and I totally agree. There is far too much time spent texting these days and I am guilty of it, too.

  2. I have a crappy is new and it does text...but it is not easy and that is about all it does...and you know what I did it for a soon as I got a laptop, I became a freak about email, etc. So, my family would be completley ignored if I had a phone that as easier to use.



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