Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting in touch with my resolutions…

Remember a whole 10 days ago, when I made those 11 New Year’s Resolutions? Yeah, I agree… January 1st, seems months ago. But I just kind of wanted to review my resolutions and hold myself accountable for my progress (and non-progress… eek!)

So let’s review what I set out to do…

1. Lose 20lbs.

2. Find a better job.

3. Fix my credit.

4. Buy a New Car.

5. Move into my own home.

6. Create more interesting and difficult crochet projects.

7. Eat healthier, and eliminate soda.

8. Begin paying off my student loans.

9. Begin crafting more.

10. Get back in touch with my friends.

11. Continue having a wonderful & healthy relationship with the love of my life.

I guess, to properly document the first one, I probably should have recorded my beginning weight. I know I’m at about 155 lbs. and I would love to get to 135 lbs. I really ought to weigh myself sometime soon, although I’m not too sure if I’ve necessarily done anything different.

I have a job interview today! Yay! Its for a front office position at our local American Hearing Aid Association office. All around, the position is better than what I have now… and I really think it would be much more fulfilling. Its in the town that I live in (I’m currently driving 25 miles to work), its $9 per hour plus I get bonuses (I’m only making minimum wage, which is $7.30 per hour in Ohio), its 42-43 hours per week (and I work anywhere from 16-32 right now.. depends on  how much my boss hates me). See?… its better! I hope I get it!!

With my credit, I think I’ve decided my best option is to use my tax money to pay all of that off. It’s not like I have a ton of money that needs to be paid to collections (right now, I’m mostly worried about $700 of it, but I do have another bill in collections for $1500. That $700 is made up by about 4 different bills… so if I can get rid of those, I can significantly improve my credit and then start working on that $1500 one).

When it comes to crocheting and crafting… you’ll probably see some crafty projects coming up in the future with the baby shower and parties I am having in April. But I have begun working on a set of crocheted washcloths for my friend’s baby. They’re cute. I’ll make sure to have them posted and a how-to when they’re done.

The one that disappoints me the most is that I haven’t worked much on getting back into contact with my friends… I really need to do that and quit making excuses. I’m really not sure what my reasons have been for not doing it…


  1. Good luck on you job interview!! Good luck on your weight loss, You can do it!! One of my resolutions is to get back into doing crafts (plastic canvas needlepointing)

  2. What great goals for the new year. Kudos to you on the interview!



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