Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I’m considering Weight Watchers

That’s right. I’m thinking about joining Weight Watchers to help me achieve my weight loss goals. But do I really need it? That is the question. Does anyone have any experience with their program (specifically their online program)? I would really hate to pay all this money just for it to be a bust. I would really love your input!

I mean, I am only looking to lose 20lbs. Its easy for me to say that and it’s a shock to think that that’s all I really need to lose to feel confident again. If I was 5’6” 20lbs would have much less of an effect than my 5’-ness.

I feel as though, the past couple years my metabolism has plummeted. Even when I do work out and watch what I eat, I don’t see any results. Which is why its now so frustrating for me to be encouraged to start a weight loss program. I consider blaming two reasons for this … either hypothyroidism or pcos. I show symptoms of both, and many of them are the same for both. Thankfully, I now have health insurance, so I can go see a doctor and see what they conclude. As of right now, I’m just waiting on my insurance card to make the process easier.

I know that I do have some problems with food, but I really don’t think I eat that much out of the ordinary than I did when I was younger or than any other fit person.

Part of my problem is that I’m always on the go, it seems like. I’m either at school or at work. Thankfully, I’ll have a little more freetime this semester because I’m taking online courses. But we will see. I' also spend a lot of time eating at my boyfriend’s house, so I’m in no place to be choosy. But they don’t really eat bad either. In fact, when I’m there, I eat a salad before every meal, and drink water with every meal.


One of my problems is that I consume most of my calories in the form of carbohydrates. Mmm… yummy bread & pasta. I just love these foods! Probably a good 65% of my diet is bread/pasta. Also, when I’m home, if my mom makes food, she really fills the plate! Probably twice as much food as I should have on my plate (but that doesn’t mean I eat it all!) Also, I drink quite a bit of milk (2% at that).

But what I don’t consume is a lot of fat. I really don’t eat much meat and when I do, its usually chicken. I also don’t eat a ton of sugar either. I have soda, but that’s not an everyday occurrence.

That brings me back to a combination of metabolism issues and too many carbs. (& this post just took an entirely different direction than I intended. I meant to stop after that first paragraph!).


  1. I did weight watchers for a while and I loved the online program. I didn't have much to lose (maybe 10 lbs) but I felt like I've kept it off even after unsubscribing from the program -- I just got used to what I should be eating and how many points things were. I know they also have an iPhone app for the program, so that's cool you can input your points anytime, anywhere. I loved all the resources online - so many cool recipes and what not. You will love it. -Meg @ O. is Me

  2. "when you were younger"...... You have too be 35 in order to say that line, I thought..

    I sat down at the computer just to get my Pilates DVD in it and running.. what am I doing? reading blogs...

  3. About three years ago I went to weight watchers meetings, I liked it! Stpped after I got sick. August 2010 I started WW again though this time on my own. You will love WW.

  4. Oh, how I completely know what you are talking about! With no significant change in my food intake or exercise, the pounds came from somewhere. Hmm. Maybe I should check with a doctor about the thyroid problem. I know my grandma had an issue with it. Now to do a little more research on it.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I have done weight watchers online since October. I lost 6 pounds (not much to lose), and my husband has lost 30! It has been so easy for us to stick to because it allows you to be human! Good Luck!



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