Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Days like these… you know what I’m talking about

I really hate days like these…

The ones that start out pretty good and by the end of the day, you just want to curl up in a ball and bury yourself for the next couple of years.

My classes started today, although I only had one class. Woke up, got around, ate, and overall felt really good. And even better yet, I felt social once I got to the college! Yay.

…And then I leave the college. It’s snowing pretty hard, and I almost slip and fall not once but twice. Oh, and there were people around. I manage to make it home and I eat and start to feel sort of “blah”. And then I get the call that really upset me. That interview I had… yeah, they didn’t give me the job. Didn’t even want to bring me in for a 2nd interview because I can’t work on Thursdays at all because of school. So despite the fact that everyone involved agreed that I was a great candidate, they wouldn’t even give me a shot. So I eat more… (I never noticed me eating my feelings before, so I’m not sure if that’s something new or not, which worries me the most). And then I look in the mirror and notice just how broken out my face is.

Now I can’t motivate myself to get off the couch. I’ve accomplished one thing today, and that’s the fact that I’ve called to make my hair appointment for next week.


Sorry, I just totally needed to vent…


  1. sorry about your burial mound day. I felt that way by 9:15AM today (though I felt good at 8AM when I woke).
    I hope you can find a compatible job and ou don;t slip in the snow tomorrow.

  2. Hi new friend!

    I know how you feel, it's so discouraging to get a call back like that. This happened to me before Christmas. I had an interview at a company my friends husband works at, he put good word in for me, everyone around me said i'd be perfect for the position, interview went well and they called me almost 3 weeks later to tell me they decided to "go into a different direction." Pretty much they didn't think I was capable of the position because of my age and wanted someone older. Needless to say I drank a lot of eggnog & rum that day. Breakouts make it worse, I know about that too (such a pain, and makes us even more self conscious!)

    I'm not sure if you believe in God but just know that He has the perfect plan for you & there was a reason this didn't go through. I felt comfort in that when two of my best friends reminded me of this. So I am passing it along to you in hopes that you find comfort in it as well!

    I hope your evening is better & keep your chin up! Look forward to your hair appointment next week. Yay for pampering! xoxo

  3. sorry to hear you had such an ego busting day... these are the days i just want to dissolve in the shower.

  4. Oh man! I know completely how you feel! Everyday this week has been just like this for me! Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a new follower! I hope things get better! Val



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