Friday, January 21, 2011

Fix-it friday

I really enjoy doing photo editing and I stumbled upon…

Here are my edits: I used Picnik for both edits.


Edit #1:     The first thing I did was adjust the contrast of this photo. I went into contrast, advanced, and clicked the local contrast box and then played with the sliders until I liked the way it looked. I really wanted to make the kid pop in this picture and add lots of dimension. Then I clicked on the colors tab and added some temperature to really bring out the orange of the leaves. Next, I softened the picture, except for the boy (who I once again, really wanted to pop out of the picture) and used the Vignette tool, strengthened the frame, made it thin, and changed it to a really dark red color. Then ta-dah! The picture you  have in front of you!


Edit #2: With this picture, I really liked the way the Cross Process tool made it look. So, all I did was took the first edit, reopened it and applied Cross Process.


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