Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ohio Caverns in West Liberty, OH

A week ago, My family took a mini trip to Ohio Caverns in West Liberty, OH, which isn't too far north of Columbus.  The drive to the caverns took about 3 hours from Toledo, though.  It was absolutely amazing, and I loved it.  I really wanted to share these with you, because this is the true definition of natural beauty.  I definitely underestimated how it was going to look inside...  I hope you enjoy my pictures!

This is a picture of the Crystal Sea, which is a water retention area that naturally formed.  The rock (which was limestone, I believe) helps to soak up moisture from the ground above and then it drips into the inside of the caverns.  (Pretty much every surface in the caverns is wet..)  But through all of the purification from going through the wall, this water is absolutely cure.  You can't see it in the picture, but there was an almost perfect reflection from the ceiling. 

This is a special crystal formation, called a Drinking Straw Formation. Basically, water drips and creates a hollow formation.  At some point, the formation turns, and this one just happens to resemble a water pump.  I think its really cool!

Omg.... so this one is totally creepy.  It looks like there is a face in the picture!  Can you see it?  I wonder if the caverns have any history of being haunted?

This is a special dual formation.  The top one is a rust stalactite and then connected to it, is a crystal stalactite.  You normally think that rust would make a weak formation and wouldn't be able to hold onto the crystal formation, but it does.  They're still not really sure how or why these form, either.  But, Ohio Caverns is the only caverns in North America to have these.

This is the largest formation in Ohio Caverns at about 5 feet.  (Mind you, these take thousands, upon thousands of years to form!)  It's called the Crystal King.  I kind of wish it was a stalagmite, that way I could have stood next to it for a picture, because I'm 5 foot tall!!

But anyways, I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  I want think thank everyone for their wonderful comments that they have been leaving, and for their suggestions. 

I'm still looking for suggestions for my top 10 list on your biggest beauty concerns.  I've gotten a few so far, but if you haven't commented yet, I would love to hear what yours is!  I hope to start working on my little project soon!!!

Much Love!  xoxoxo

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