Friday, July 30, 2010

Friendly Fridays and My Daily Rambling

Yay! for Reconnecting with People
So earlier, me and a couple of the girls decided we wanted dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  (Does anyone else out there call it BDubs or BW3's?  Just wondering).  I've noticed that quite a few people that I know work there, and my friends and I used to go in quite a bit.  Remember, I'm only 22, so this is not surprising.  Well, tonight, my waitress was this girl I went to high school with, and really just didn't get along with.  Once we realized who each other were, she seemed excited to see me and gave me a hug... WHAT?!  I said we didn't get along!  But it was definitely cool, because she said she had changed and matured alot and before I left, she gave me her number so we could get together.  How exciting is that?  Someone whom I didn't like, and hadn't seen in at least 4 years, and I plan on giving her a call to go get coffee or something...   I just wanted to share that little story, because it really warms my heart.

Fresh Aloe
I've been training at work the past couple nights, and I have a lot of downtime (obviously, I'm blogging!).  I've kind of taken over the lobby in the hotel and that way the woman that I'm training and I aren't fighting over the one chair behind the desk.  So I'm sitting out here on the couch and I look over to my right, and there is an Aloe plant.  I don't think you can possibly imagine how excited this naturalist is!  I don't have an aloe plant and imagine all the super cool things I could do with fresh aloe!!  After I get a decent sized pot and some potting soil, I definitely plan on taking a piece of this aloe plant home with me.  I broke a piece off yesterday and rubbed the juice on my arm, just because I wanted to make sure it was aloe and not something else.  But oh boy, am I excited!!!
Friday's Blog Hops!!!
I think of all the daily blog hops that are dedicated just for finding friends out there in BlogWorld, Fridays are my favorites.  Visit the blog hops below and find some super cool new blogs!!

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  1. Thank you for link up, Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

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  5. I love how your voice explodes off your pages. I was excited for you as I was reading about your old frenemy.
    Aloe is also great for helping reduce air pollution in your house, so yes get yourself a plant!

  6. It is funny how things are when you are older and high school is long gone!...I totally get it!
    I love aloe Vera plants!
    Come follow back and visit me!
    Happy Blog hop!

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