Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Knew that Fridays Were For Making Friends?! ;)

UPDATE:  So, I have a question... does anyone know, if in the Blogger Dashboard, I can categorize the blogs that I'm following.  I'm really starting to find a lot of really neat blogs and would like to separate them, so its easier to find things.  Just curious!!

So, I'm still trying to figure out all this blog hop business... But I think I'm getting it!

Just a little introduction to my little blog... Its focuses mostly on Natural Beauty.  Home Remedies, Awesome Products, and what you should really avoid!  Although, That's not all of it.  It's still fairly new, so I'm trying to figure out my little place in the blog world!

Before I realized, that Fridays were for all this friend-making... I wrote this long lengthy, somewhat annoying entry.  Feel free to ignore it, and check out some of the cool remedies that I have listed on the side.

New Friend Fridays badge Favorite%2BThings%2BFridaybig%2Bbutton.jpg Let's Just Give It Away My Wee View

Anyways, I'm at work right now, and so that means, I should probably go do some work. Fold some laundry or something. (Who works at 4am, really? I should find a hotel that closes at night!) I hope you all have a good day and that you enjoy my little blog!! I look forward to making some new bloggy friends!


Okay, so I decided to just update this post as opposed to writing an entirely new post.  I was blog hop-hoppin' around and I stumbled upon SAPsMaMa's blog, about natural & green parenting.  She had a post on a carbon neutral blog.  What?  Carbon Neutral Blog?  You're probably asking what this is all about... & I shall explain it to you.

There is this website that is based out of Germany.  What they are doing is, that for every blog with their logo, they are planting a tree in the Plumas National Forest in California.  The Plumas were devestated in 2007 by wildfires.  So not only is it JUST a tree (if there is such a thing), it's restoring a beautiful forest and ecosystem.

I recommend you all to do the same and we can make our world cleaner, one blog at a time!


  1. Following back. I may have to contemplate using Enrique for my weekly eye candy on my blog. Mostly because his performance on SYTYCD this week was frightening to me. It sounded all techy and weird.

    But he is pretty . . . hmmm . . .

    Untypically Jia: My Inner Child Needs Another Pepsi

  2. Following back from Green Follow Friday! Thanks for coming by and linking up! When I have more time I'm coming back, your subject is right up my alley and I can't wait to learn more!

  3. I am a new friend! Found you on Green Follow Friday. I have lots of green giveaways on my blog if you want to check them out!

  4. Following you from Green Follow Fridays! Come check us out!

  5. Love the blog!! Thanks for info on carbon neutral blog!

  6. i did ;)
    thank you for hopping with me and sharing the iFiH-badge

  7. I’m following you now on Green Follow Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”


  8. So glad I found your blog! I have been dabbling in natural beauty and I love reading stuff about it! I am a beauty freak! In fact, I made a recent post about a toner I made of lemon juice and witch hazel. Following you NOW!!! Looking forward to your posts! Btw, I don't know how to catagorize blogs you follow in the dashboard! I, too, would like to know this as I've got tons I'm interested in! -Meg @

  9. Hi, saw you were a newer blog and had to come follow you. You have a very interesting block and I look forward to reading more... come by our blog too if you get a minute, its only 2 days old.

  10. Blog hopping. Newest follower.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Thanks for joining Following Friday! I'm your newest follower! :)

    And Then There Were 4...

  12. Following back from Green Follow Friday and looking forward to us connecting. Please stop by my blog at

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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