Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tip tuesday #13

I love to use face masks, no matter the time of day! But especially in the morning. The benefits from the mask make your skin look absolutely amazing, so why go to sleep? And wearing it in the morning really doesn't take any longer than it would normally take you to get around.

Here's what I do:
I shower and wash my face like normal.
Then I put my hair in towel to get it out of my face, and put the mask on.
I'll do some random tasks to get around... brush my teeth, get dressed, fix my nail polish... and then after a few minutes and most of the mask has dried, I'll start drying my hair. Sometimes I'll go as far as to completely style it.
I then pin my bangs back and away from my face, and rinse my face off, and then finish my skincare routine.
My skin then looks good as new! :)

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