Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creative Reuse

Hey there everyone! I have another guest post for you all. This one comes from Heather from  My Work of Heart. Her blog is amazing and is very volunteer-oriented. I hope you enjoy her post on Creative Reuse.

I'm very much a fan of "Creative Reuse". I try my hardest to be eco-friendly in everything I do, but especially when it comes to crafts. Another thing I'm passionate about is volunteerism. I do a ton of volunteer work for various organizations, including,,, and many many
more. Recently I've been working with a school for Friends Like Us. The kids have been reusing construction paper and making cards for kids with cancer. For our Drive, we've been trolling thrift stores and creative reuse stores for extra cards, samples, and gifts for the soldier's care packages.

But I decided to do something extra fun for my adopted soldiers from So off I went to the Long Beach Depot For Creative Reuse ( The owner, Lisa, has become such a
great friend of my family. She's a visionary, a community advocate, and her daughter is one of the most creative people you'd ever meet! Their store always gets odd and ends, a mish-mash of items. So I knew
it'd be absolutely perfect for my Creative Reuse Christmas Card. I wanted something interesting, fun, and unusual.

First thing I did was get a piece of cardstock from a pack of Christmas cards I had purchased for our drive. I cut that down to 4x6 inches, to make it easier.

Next, I had gotten a card with samples from a 2000 Gift Wrap Collection. I took four pieces from that card and cut them down to 2x3 inches each, to make a very patchwork, quilt looking card. Then I taped the pieces to the card.

Last, it was time for embellishments. I chose a red paper frame, topped by a gold star, then put a beaded snowflake embellishment onto the card.

Voila! Instant homemade Christmas card, made entirely from reused and upcycled materials.

Each card should have your own special touch. Each card can be as unique and different as you are. Have fun, and let your creativity flow!

My Work of Heart

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