Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Inspirations! #2

I loved the response I got from last week's post on Ruffles! If you would have talked to me a couple years ago, I would have been like "Ew... Ruffles are too girly!" A lot has obviously changed in the past couple of years.

I know that a lot of people wear darker colors as it gets cooler outside, but I really like the look of white in the winter. So this week's theme is:

Snow White

Couture Cowl Neck Sleveless by Sherri Lyles at UsTrendy

Lamixx White Shoulder Top at Threadsence
Sparkle & Fade Inset Dolman Pullover at Urban Outfitters

Pretty in Chiffon Mini at Free People

Boudoir Beauty Babydoll Nighty at In Bloom by Jonquil

Embrace Me Jacket at Free People

Long White Jacket by Filipa Pinto at UsTrendy
Downy Canals Scarf at Anthropologie


  1. I am in love with that last scarf you posted!!! Stopped by from Weekend Blog Hop- love your blog!

  2. White is so dreamy. Love that skirt from Free People.

  3. In theory, I like the look. It always looks so lovely in photos. Practically though, white just says "TONS of dry cleaning bills" to me.... Between street dirt and slush and salt and traffic and pigeons, white is one of those colors that's hard to keep white.

  4. Hi Anestazia,

    LoVe this post, winter white and ruffles !!!
    Thanks for popping in and saying hello,
    I'll be back to check on your latest tips, recipes, & inspired fun,
    Yeah !



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