Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspiration Sundays! #1

Sundays are meant to be inspired... Its the purpose of the day! However, I'm taking a new spin on that inspiration and am finding ways that style inspires me. So, just to let you know, I'm focusing on a "trend" each week. Let me know your thoughts!!

And this weeks inspirations is (drumroll please!)...


Tinted Pink Ruffle Top from Ruche

Valedictorian Ruffle Top in Olive from Ruche

Ruffle Dress from American Eagle

Puckered Plaid Trench from Anthropologie

Echoes Scarf from Anthropologie
Cute Silk Panty from Forever 21

Waterfall Ruffle Duvet from Urban Outfitters

UPDATE 11/17/10: I just found the Ruffle Dress from American Eagle in the December, 2010, issue of Cosmopolitan! I guess I do have good taste afterall! ;)


  1. so cute & girly, I love that first dress!


  2. ooh I love all those ruffles! Thanks for visiting Tattered and Inked... I'm having fun browsing through your blog :)



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