Friday, November 12, 2010

the blues are still blue

Today's post titles comes to you from The Blues Are Still Blue by Belle and Sebastian.

Hey there everyone! Its that day of the week, the one where I sign up for entirely toooo many blog hops! It's lovely, isn't it? Anyways...

If you don't recognize where you're at, I'm formally what was Your Work Is To Discover Your World, a blog about natural health and beauty. I wanted to expand my horizons a bit and switched it up to what you see now, a blog on indie and bohemian lifestyle. I still haven't set everything in stone yet, but I have some really fun ideas, like Indie Music Mondays, My Favorite Things Thursdays, and Inspiration Sundays.

Okay, so if you haven't yet, I set the end date for my giveaway in like 1,000 days (not seriously, but it seems that way), so if you haven't yet, please go sign up. All it takes for a chance to win is one entry... & By clicking HERE

Also, if you would like to do a guest post for me, I would love it... Just please don't tell me you will unless you intend to follow through. But hopefully I have some good ones coming up in the near future!

OH!! & before I forget! I just started Eccentric Delirium's Facebook page. My Facebook badge is down and to the left, so I would absolutely adore you if you would "like" me on Facebook. Also, I signed up with Networked Blogs, so I would love a follow on there as well! Thanks everyone!!

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