Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm desperate for a new job

Okay, okay... Now don't get me wrong. I can't complain too much, because I'm posting this from work. But I am really in need of a new position, and here's why:
  • First and more importantly, I am sick and tired of working 3rd shift, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to get moved any time soon. I just want to sleep at night again!
  • I need to make more money. I'm only making minimum wage, which in Ohio is $7.30/hr. If I was flipping burgers, I would have no room to complain. But before I moved out of Toledo, I worked at another hotel, doing the exact same thing and making $9.50/hr. The reason for our wages here, is that our manager is just plain cheap. I just can't afford to live on that! Even when I am lucky enough to get some full-time hours, I wouldn't be able to afford to move out of my mom's house (and I really don't have too many bills. I am currently paying out less than $400 for my car payment, car insurance, and cell phone).
  • Slap my hands for saying this, my management in this place is a joke, and I'm just sick of it. Things are never consistent. Some people get punished and others don't. Gossip is HORRIBLE here, even among management. And there's just too much backstabbing going on. It's a fend for yourself environment, which would be fine if it hadn't forced me to develop some personality traits that I'm not too proud of. (I hate having to make other people look bad just so I don't get in trouble for something!)
  • And finally, I'm driving 30 minutes to work... and with winter coming, I'm just not in the mood to do that during a snow storm. Enough said.
  • I'm about to graduate. I know that an Associate's isn't much, but it has got to qualify me for something, right? I don't need any sort of degree to work here, and I don't even think the hotel manager has a degree in anything... this place is just bringing me down.
So I've been sending cover letters and resumes out like crazy. Unfortunately, I don't get too many opportunities to follow up on them, because of my sleep schedule (which, I take the blame for... I should wake up and make an effort to contact these companies) but I haven't heard back from a single one, and I've applied to dozens of companies. Oh wait, I take that back... Kohl's wanted me to be a seasonal cashier. I quite honestly, don't even remember applying to Kohl's.

So check out this resume I typed up tonight. Its for a customer service representative position at an insurance firm. I really feel like my cover letters are just so extremely bland. Am I doing something wrong? Do you know of any ways to spice it up? I want to stand out!

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