Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm never ordering from asia again!

I am so excited. I used the upgrade on my phone a couple weeks ago, and purchased a Droid! Yay me! (P.s. does anyone know what this android.process.acore business is all about? I tried googling it, and no one seems to know!)

Anyways, if you know me, then you also know, I'm a bit tough on my phones. Not purposely, I'm just a bit of a clutz and am always dropping them or they're falling out of my pocket or what-not. 

A case is OBVIOUSLY essential for this phone. But have you seen the prices on those things?! So, I started a search on the web for the cheapest cover I could fine, and holy crap! Only $3!! For that price, I didn't order just one but two! I got one of those hard ones, and then a silicone one because I really don't know which I will like better.

It shipped on the 9th and 10 days later, I still haven't gotten it. My only reasoning is that it must be from Asia for that price and the fact that it's taking so long to get here. That has to be it! & Needless to say, I am impatient and want it nowww, before I break my phone!

Whew... now I feel better. I just needed to vent for a moment.


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