Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes, I took a bath in Chocolate Milk & It Smelled Delicioussss!

Hey there!!  I tried a new bath mix today, that I mixed up myself! I think you might love the idea of this... 

Chocolate Milk Bath :)
So, I'm thinking this would be especially fun for kids, because of the chocolate. It might be a good way to encourage kids to take a bath. 
Parent: "Bathtime!"
Kid: "NO! I'm Clean (even though I'm covered in dirt)! I don't need a bath!"
Parent" "What about a chocolate bath?"
Kid: "Huh??  OK!"

Okay, so I don't have kids, so who knows if this would be a good idea, or if a some kids would even get excited about it. But I would try it when I have kids!

Here's the recipe:
4 Cups Milk (The "thicker" the better... I used 2%, but I would definitely recommend using Whole Milk)
1/4 Cup Honey
1/4 Cocoa 

Then you just add everything to the tub as your running the water. You might need to help the honey and chocolate break up a little bit. The honey should dissolve in the water, but cocoa can clump up when it hits water.

Why these ingredients?
The lactic acid in the milk will act as exfoliant, by eating through dead, flaky skin. This ultimately results in smoother, fresh, softer skin that hasn't yet been worn down by the environment.

Honey is a humectant which attracts moisture to the surface of your skin and will really make your skin soft. Also, you could rub pure honey on your skin while bathing for further exfoliation. 

Cocoa is high in anti-oxidants which means it reverses skin damage by fighting off (or actually balancing out) free radicals. This also means that it has anti-aging properties. The smell of chocolate is also strong enough to overpower any scent there may be from the milk.

So what did I think of this bath?
This really smelled quite wonderful. I think that next time though, I might adjust the amounts... Either more milk & chocolate for the amount of water I had, or filling up the tub less that way the additives have a higher concentration to have an effect on your skin. Its not that my skin didn't feel smoother after getting out, but I just think that with more milk, it might have been even more so, because it was more of a light hydration and I was really looking for a deep hydration. As I was researching milk baths, I found that using powdered milk seems to be more popular, probably because its a higher concentrated form of milk. So, I would recommend using the powdered milk if you have it. If not, regular milk should be just fine, although I would maybe even double the amount that I used for a full bath.

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