Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I Have Toothpaste On My Toes Right Now"

I discovered SITS today.  Oh, its just wonderful.  Anyways, today's focus was to talk about a blog title that you're particularly proud of.  As I'm looking back through my old posts, I discovered, I really suck at coming up with witty blog titles!!  But, I chose this one because it makes you think "WTF?!" if you don't know what I'm talking about....

One of the joys of summer is bug bites. UGH!  I hate them.  Normally, I make it through the summer quite well, without many... but for whatever reason, this past summer, they bugs bit my ass! (And one did, literally!  Don't ask how I got a tick on my booty, but it happened...).  I was in desperate need of a bug bite remedy because the ones on my toes were absolutely unbearable!

Searching through bug bite remedies, I decided toothpaste was my best option.  It did help... the cooling sensation was great, but boy did it get sticky!  And since it was on my feet, it picked up all the dirt and hair from the carpet (And we have a black lab... I looked like I had bear feet.  Oh, and my dog's name is bear.  Hehe!). 

So... even though its late in the season, there is still an opportunity to be bitten, and if you would like to take the itch out of your bites, you should try toothpaste!  But my recommendation is to not put it on your feet unless you plan on being immobile until the bites are gone!!  Hehe...

Much Love!! Xoxoxo

Now its time to quit procrastinating & do my Human Resource Management homework... I already skipped one class, and I only have 45 minutes until I have to leave to go to the next one!  EEK!  I hate procrastination!! 



  1. I've never even heard of this remedy, but your blog title is hilarious : )

  2. love your blog!! i found you through the lovely meg o! I'll definitely be following your adventures!! :)



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