Friday, September 17, 2010

Cosmo's 50 Wacky (but totally brilliant) Health Cures

I had an impulse last night on my home from work... to stuff my face and read a girly magazine.  We all get them, right?  I was definitely craving some good pasta... So, ended up going straight to Walmart to browse the frozen food.  After standing there and grabbing one thing and putting it back and grabbing another thing and putting it back, I ended up with some Garlic Chicken pasta dinner.  And I'm not talking about an individual frozen dinner... like the family meal!  Haha... but anyways, I made sure to grab my Cosmo on my way through check-out.  (Oh, and I ate the entire bag.. )

Anyways, there was an article in there that I wanted to share with you.  It is 50 Wacky (but Totally Brilliant) Health Cures... so basically, Home Remedies!

Here are some of my favorites:
  •  #1: You have a splinter. Put a piece of well-ripened banana skin pulp-side down on the affected area, and cover the whole thing with a bandage. The enzymes will help draw out the foreign matter.
  • #6: Your under-arms stink, but there's no time to shower. Head to the ladies' room and pat your pits with a paper towel. Dabbing some liquid soap in them will mask odor-causing bacteria.
  • #11: You're about to hook up, but there's an inflamed ingrown hair on your bikini line. Hold a paper towel dipped in cold water on it for a few minutes, or grab an ice cube on the way to the bathroom. Swelling and redness will shrink in 15 minutes.
  • #14:  You sense a zit about to erupt on your face.  Run very hot water over a metal spoon for about 10 seconds, then press the underside of it on the emerging blemish.  It'll put off the pimple for a couple of hours and decrease its size once it does show.
  • #18: Your breath is kicking. Many cases of bad breath are due to dehydration, so chug two glasses of water. If the stink if from pungent meal and there's parsley on your plate, eat that. Parsley contains a natural breath-freshening chemical.
  • #23: You burned your forehead with a straighetner or curling iron. Coat the burn with honey, an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent that speeds up healing.
  • #25: You nick yourself shaving. Cover the cut with baby powder - a powder bronzer works too - to facilitate a blood clot.
Please note that I did take these straight out of the magazine... I just loved them so much that I wanted to share! There are quite a few more in the issue, but these are just some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Much Love!!  Xoxoxo


    1. This is a handy list even as I sometimes think Cosmo's offerings are tongue-in-cheek with a dash of salt. :-) I love the layout of your blog and your domain name rocks. Glad to have stopped by from Bella Vita's blog hop.
      I am now following you.

    2. Next time you are in the frozen food section at Walmart ... buy their mussells and also their stuffed clams - good junk food :)
      Here from the hop ... happy to meet you and look forward to getting to know you more!

    3. Great tip list, thanks for sharing.

      I'm a new follow.

      If you a chance, stop by and follow back.

      Have a great day!


    4. Love these. And am so going to try some of these! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    5. Wow! Way cool info. Who knew huh? Love your blog! And I really like the quote in your header :) I am following you from Tara's weekend blog hop. Follow back if you would like!


      PS: Could you give me any tips, company names or pointers in to doing more reviews/giveaways? You have done SO many! Great job!

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