Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Week in Review and What I Have Coming Up!!

Here lately, I have had the desire to use my Sunday's to wind down, relax, and reflect. The winding down & relaxing are pretty much done, and now I just need to reflect... which is what my blog is for.  :)

Another New Work Schedule... Ugh.

So... how was my week?  Well... Mondays & Wednesdays for me, are usually pretty hectic. I have school, starting at 8am, and then from there, I go straight to work. However, I won't be doing this anymore. One of my good friends, is pregnant. She also works at the same place I do, working 3rd shift (I work 2nd). However, due to the pregnancy, she is not able to sleep during the day, therefore stay awake at night during work. For whatever reason, I agreed to switch her shifts. I have mixed feelings about this...

On one hand, I'll have more free time during the day, which I am happy about. I won't have to go an entire week without seeing Alex, and no more going straight from school to work (And not doing it vice versa either, because I told her I wasn't going to work and then go straight to school.. I'm too scared I will fall asleep). But, on the other hand, this means going back to working weekends again and then more driving on my part, because I won't be able to go straight from school to work. The college is about 20 minutes from where I live and my work is another 15 minutes further from that. (Can you tell I'm from Ohio? I heard somewhere that we're the only state that uses time to calculate distance...)

The County Fair
I really do enjoy county fairs. I don't understand how someone couldn't? I love eating the fair food (although I am somewhat picky) and walking around to see all of the animals and merchants tables and everything. Unfortunately, I was unable to go until last night... and for my local county fair, it was the last night. And the only reason we did go, was because Alex wanted to go to the truck pulls they had. 

Some friends and I at different truck pulls
a few weeks ago. Fun times!! If
you have never attended before,
you really should!!
I was pretty disappointed, though. The vendors were great but there was hardly anyone there! Where was everyone?! Apparently it had been like this the entire week, not just the last night. I was really just disappointed about this. During the truck pulls, there were more people sitting in the pits (which we had pit passes, but ended up sitting in the grandstand because there was a better view) than up in the stands. And really, it seemed like the most of the people there were the pullers. 

It just makes me sad, because I blame the lack of attendance on the economy. Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana are still struggling a great deal, despite the fact that things are getting better. I really feel that a direct affect of the economy is that people don't have the money to take their kids to the fair. I also think that the people who do have the money are working multiple jobs and don't have the time, or similarly, there are A LOT more people attending the community college, and they just don't have the time. It's just so sad to see  our culture suffer because of the economy. :(

I Need to get HEALTHY!!
I've really been taking a look at my body and my health the past couple days and I think it has finally kicked in, I need to eat healthier and exercise more. If you can't tell from the picture above, I have wayyyy too much weight around the mid section, and that is really unhealthy! I just think I have finally made the switch in my mind to actually make this happen. I have said before "I want to be healthy and fit and work out" but because my mind hasn't officially made the switch, I haven't done it anymore than periodically. 

I also have too much of a sweet tooth and consume a lot of sugar. A couple things I am thinking of doing to help is to begin substituting sugar with honey (because I absolutely love honey!), and just in general, working out... A good thing about my new schedule is that I will be able to do that.

I also really want to begin consuming more raw fruits & veggies. So a new goal of mine is to consume raw food at least once during the day. I am also vowing to no longer consume soda, which will be the hardest for me. I have done a pretty good job so far though! I only had a Sprite yesterday morning, and that was because my tummy hurt... 

So I will try to keep everyone updated on my efforts and really just take it one day at a time. Wish me luck!

I have a lot of new reviews coming!!
Okay... so get excited. :) I have a lot of fun things coming up for everyone. I already have reviews written up for Lush's The Blonde and Coalface. And a really fun article on all the great uses for bananas! (Oh... and I have been eating bananas non-stop lately. They are so good!!). 

And then I have a bunch of articles that I still want to write... For example, I have been wanting to write a big piece on Arbonne. The reason why I haven't yet, is that they reformulated a lot of their products and I really haven't gotten a chance to take a look at my personal inventory and compare it to their updated product listing. I also just received and began using my products that I ordered from LaBella Beauty Bar on Etsy. And then I wanted to talk about a few hair conditioners... one being from Organix (which you commonly find at Walmart) and another from Say Yes to Carrots. 

And finally, with Halloween coming up, it might be fun to find out how good pumpkin is for your hair and skin. And maybe some other things halloween related. And then, as I was looking through Etsy, and seeing all the fresh face masks, it made me wonder why more people don't just make their own! So, I wanted to do something on face masks and choosing the right face mask.

So I hope I have everyone thinking about somethings and that you're excited for what I have coming up. I'm really trying to write things up for you when I have time and then gradually posting them, so I don't go through any more phases where I post a lot all at once, and then nothing for awhile because of time. We'll see how this works. 

  Much Love!! Xoxoxo

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