Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lush: The Blonde Review

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, I made another trip to Lush to pick up a couple more products. I must not very much because I picked up yet another Shampoo and another facial cleanser.

The Blonde Shampoo
Credit Although this picture shows a bar with
lemon slices, my bar only had the chunks
of dried chamomile flowers.
Okay, so a couple weeks before I picked up the shampoo, I decided to dye my hair back to it's natural color, which is a lighter blonde. (Yes, I know... I'm crazy for even dying it in the first place! I haven't been blonde in nearly 4 years!!). My roots were already growing out, so really, all I needed to do was lighten the rest of my hair. But I was dumb, and like blondes do, had a blonde moment. I lightened my roots as well. OOPS! To try to even it out, I decided to do some pretty heavy highlights, which worked on some parts... but not everything (& yes, I'm did this all at home).  Well, I wasn't going to process my hair anymore, so I decided to purchase The Blonde from Lush, which is meant to lighten blonde hair. The main ingredient in this shampoo is chamomile, but it also has marigolds and lemon juice. All three ingredients are known to lighten blonde hair. Not only that, from number of reviews on the website, it seems that its one of the more moisturizing of the solid shampoos, as a lot of reviewers stated they didn't even need to use a shampoo afterwards.

My thoughts on this shampoo... I've been using it for about 3-4 weeks now and I can't say I haven't noticed any lightening, and I have used it every time I have shampooed since I purchased it. In fact, yesterday was the first time I didn't use it and Alex casually stated after I had dried my hair that it looked more blonde than usual, not as yellow. So does this mean their shampoo was depositing yellow color onto my hair? I'm not sure, but I have heard of many blonde shampoos doing that.

In terms of moisturizing, I don't know if I agree with this claim either. I do think that if they take out Sodium Lauryl  Sulfate, it really would be moisturizing... But it does contain SLS and this does strip your hair of moisture. Lush has been working on replacing the SLS in their shampoos with the more gentle Sodium Coco-Sulfate. However, I haven't seen this switch in any of their solid shampoos... yet.

There are a couple things that I do love about this shampoo... I am entirely and completely in love with the scent. Its like a spicy citrus and its amazing! There are also chunks of dried chamomile flowers in the shampoo, which makes it a fun treat. Whether or not they make a difference in the ability of the shampoo, I'm not sure. But its always fun to see flowers in your shampoo. :)

Also, The Blonde is cut off larger blocks of The Blonde shampoo... this means, that if you purchase in store, that you request however much you want. I purchased a $5 block and I am only maybe half way through it. This works really well that way you can buy however much you can afford. I was broke, and I could only afford $5 and I really am glad that I didn't purchase more.

So I'm not saying this shampoo won't benefit someone, I just don't think it was for me. I really enjoy Trichomania better than this one. If you have dry hair, I don't know if I would try this, because I find it a big drying and I'm on the oily side. But I have also found that as long as you're using a good conditioner, its not really a problem.

If you haven't already noticed, I purchased this product with my own money and am in now way affiliated with Lush, besides the fact that I'm one of their cult followers. All opinions above are of my own and have not been influenced by anyone... Please make your own judgement when purchasing this product.

Much Love!!  Xoxoxo -The real blonde! ;)

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