Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etsy: LaBella Beauty Bar Review

A couple weeks ago, I had mentioned an etsy shop that I was in love with... La Bella Beauty Bar. Her shop consists mostly of bath bombs, but a few of her other products include lotion bars, bubble bars, candles, bath salts, and exfoliants.

When I did the review before I had purchased anything, I had mentioned something about wishing she had a larger variety of products. And then when I made my purchase, I sent her the link, and you know what... since my purchase, there are a ton of new products on her site. Now I feel like I need to buy more!

 My products came wrapped in plastic bags. The lotion bar was just taped closed, and the fizzy was tied with ribbon. And then there was a label on each stating the product and the ingredients. The ingredients aren't listed on the product page, so this was helpful in making sure there were no harmful chemicals.

My only complaint is that it took a week before the products were shipped. I'm not sure if she had to make the bath bombs and didn't have them on hand or what. Its not a big deal, just more of an annoyance.

Okay, so right now, she's doing a special, Buy 2 and get one free... which is what I did.

Blueberry Cobbler Lotion Bar
Okay, so this is the first product I ordered. I have really been wanting to try a lotion bar, since I discovered Lush's massage bars. This is a 3oz bar, in a light cream color. Somehow when I ordered, I completely missed the long list of scents at the bottom of the product page. During our conversations back and forth about bath bombs, I had mentioned that I'm not too picky about anything but floral scents. So, when she realized I hadn't specified a scent, and because she wanted to get my package out, she went ahead and sent me Blueberry Cobbler. I am definitely not disappointed. Its a such a fruity/berry scent, and its definitely not lacking at all. Its quite strong, but I like it. Once its on your skin, its not overbearing. 

I have heard people talk about how lotion bars can be oily, and this one is not an exception. It does go on a bit oily, so I would just recommend using this on your body and not on your hands or face. I enjoy the oils on my legs. 

Lovespell Moisturizing Bath Bomb Fizzy
The other product that I purchased was a purple bath bomb that was scented similar to to Victoria's Secret Lovespell. It smells very similar to Lovespell, except her version is just a little more fruity. Boy, do I love fruity smells. They just make you so happy! Anyways...

This was my first experience with a bath bomb, as well. (Think I was sheltered much as a child? Hehe.) It was so fun! I like feeling the bomb fizz and it changed my bath water to purple. And like I mentioned, the scent smelled absolutely amazing.  And it really did make my skin feel soft. The final touch was that it was filled with glitter. It really made my skin sparkle! (And anyone who knows me, knows how much I enjoy glittery things!). It almost disappoints me that I used that particular one on a Sunday night!

My free product was a moisturizing bath bomb in the scent fruit slices. This bomb is multicolored, so I don't think it will be turning my bath a fun color, but I just like to smell it anyways.  I haven't used this one yet... I think I might today though...


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