Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Need To Know What You Think

I need everyone's opinion...

I've been thinking of starting my own company.  Making Soap & Bath Fizzies & Lotion, etc.  
Pretty much, your basic cosmetic store.  Someday, I hope to have an entire line of different things, and maybe even make-up!!
What are your ideas on this?  
Would you be interested in purchasing, if I did start up?  
Does anyone have any ideas on marketing (Like places to sell, etc. to begin)?  
So far, I've been thinking,, Farmer's Markets, and stuff like that.  Maybe visit some of the local shops in the area and see if they would be interested in selling...
What about ideas for the name?   
I was trying to find a way to connect it to my blog, so like Discover Goose or something (You wouldn't forget it!)  
Does anyone know about soap making or, better yet, preservatives?  
I've founds some websites, but its really hard to find information on preservatives!  What kind to use, what the healthiest are, when to use them...  What do I do?!  I also wanted to make sure I could use super fresh ingredients too... Maybe that hair mask could be a signature piece?
Or what about the business aspects?  
I may be a business major in school, but I'm definitely worried about getting sued or breaking laws, or something!

I need your help!!


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