Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today was a great day.

Let me count the reasons why!


My Bestest Friend started dating a guy just a few months before he joined the Army and had to leave for Basic Training. He has graduated and is currently at tech school, or whatever the Army calls the training when they learn their skill. He was able to come home for Christmas and he came home today. My friend went to pick him up from the train station this morning, and both of them were able to stop by and say hi to me while I was at work. This makes me happy because she was soo happy! About half, if not more, of the time they have been together, he has been away... and I know how much she missed him.


My other bestest friend had her second child today! And better yet, she was able to make it to her due date. Her first child came 6 weeks early, and this was a fear they had when she got pregnant again. But, she made it and both the baby and Momma are doing well! I can't wait to go visit her this weekend and to meet the new man in her life! :)


A few months ago, one of my friends who is also in the Army, came home to visit and brough his girlfriend and another girl friend who is dating one of his friends from here. (Can that get any more confusing??) Well, the other girl friend came to town to visit her boyfriend and she was also able to come visit me at work today. It was sooo good to see her!

The two of us when she visited this summer.
So, as you can see... today was just a day full of blessings! Just remember, bad things can happen in the world, but you must also cherish the good in your life, or it is not worth living.


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    Fun post!
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    <3 Paris

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