Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I need to know...

...How do you get motivated???

I've been going to school for much longer than I should have... Let me quickly explain my educational journey:
  • I started attending a community college when I was a junior in high school as a post-secondary student. This is such a great opportunity for high-schoolers... except in my case. 
  • After graduating high school, I attended a year at Ohio University in Athens, OH. When I began attending, I was considered a first-year junior. There were many things that happened while I was down there, but they all kind of go back to one thing: I had a quarter-life crisis. I was scheduled to graduate college before I could even legally drink alcohol. How is someone so young supposed to know that Accounting is the career choice for them?!?!
  • So, I thought I'd join the Airforce. Therefore, taking a semester off school while waiting to leave for basic training. But, that didn't work out. I came home just in time to enroll in classes at the community college where it all started. 
  • While I did that semester, I really thought about what I REALLY wanted to do with my life! I had taken psychology classes... I thoroughly enjoyed Psychology, that must be my answer! I re-enrolled at Ohio University as a psychology major. 
  • Whew.... I'm still going with the story!
  • While I was there, I had trouble getting finding private aid to help me pay for that amazing, expensive school. Plus, why did I want to be a psychology major anyways? I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, and I definitely didn't want to get my Masters.
  • So, I went back to the community college for the one thing that they're known for... Nursing!
  • Except, I quickly realized I wasn't made out for Nursing. So I switched to Business Management. But really, what can you do with that degree? Manage a gas station? I really enjoyed my Human Resources class... That's right, I'll be in HR!
  • Yes, I finally received my Associates of Science and Associates in Applied Business Management with a major in Human Resources. 
  • Except, I decided I need to get my Bachelors. So, now I'm attending a local university... working on an accounting degree (see the circle there?)
I have two semesters to go and I cannot seem to find the motivation to do any of my work. Actually, I have tests that I haven't even turned in yet. Thankfully, my instructors are pretty easy going and understand the struggles of being an adult student. But, I need to get those tests done! I have a final tomorrow and I still haven't turned in a test and I'm sitting here blogging instead of doing that! 

Yes, I know... don't scold me. It's SEVERE procrastination. Do they make a medication for that?

I need to get my head back on so I don't flunk out during my last few semesters. I'm only taking two classes right now, and next semester, I'm taking some pretty intense business classes. And part of the issue is that I have absolutely NO RESPECT for the teacher who teaches the core accounting classes (but we're not going to go there right now). 


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