Sunday, December 30, 2012

My year in review {2012}

I thought it would be fun to do a year in review of photo. This year was a year full of its ups and downs.. but overall, I'd say it was one of the best. I have some of the best people surrounding me, and all I can do is enjoy my life. I wanted to share some of that enjoyment with you!

Okay, okayyy... So this is actually New Year's Eve. Another couple, Boyfriend, and I decided to go to the city, go shopping, get a hotel room, and just do something different than our normal everyday lives. We did have a good time.. but it was at this point when I realized that something needed to change with my weight. My friend and I could not get a picture that I liked (and I had the huge zit on my chin... EW! Hehe)

   In February, the highlight was our weekend snowmobiling. Last winter was pretty mild, but crossing the Ohio-Michigan border was like a magic line. (We only live approx. 40 miles from the stateline). There wasn't a ton of snow, but enough for us to get a couple hours of riding in. 

  We decided to do it big for St. Patty's day! We went out for some green beer at a local bar (notice the hint of green on our teeth) and then to a friend's party. We had a ton of fun this night and met a lot of new friends!

Happy Birthday to me! I had a ton of fun this night.. We started the evening out with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then had a get together back at my place. It was so great to be surrounded by my closest friends on that evening.

  One of our highschool friends got married during this month. Weddings are so much fun and I especially love being able to dress up! 

   The little miss in May's photo had her 3rd birthday during this month. This picture was taken during her very windy birthday party. She's one very spoiled, special little girl... and we all love her!

 It was so hard to find a picture to represent July! But I definitely think this one is the winner.. we had so much fun during this month (almost enough to make me wish I could relive it on repeat!). But we did spend a lot of time swimming in our friend's pool.

  In August, we went up to Michigan International Speedway to watch the NASCAR race. This was my 2nd time going and we had a ton of fun! Every summer, my boyfriend and his family have the opportunity to do some work up there for one of the companies, and they earn us free tickets to go back in August. The seats are great... and its definitely a fun experience if you've never been to one!

September -- No Picture :(

October -- No Picture :(

 We did a lot of sitting around bonfires during November. In Northwestern Ohio country, its one of our favorite activities in the fall.

This basically sums up my month of December... Work! Thankfully, I have a great work family and thoroughly enjoy my job! And, this will give you a little preview of whats to come... working off some of the tummy fat I've gained this month from not eating well!

See you next year! ;) 

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  1. Hey, new follower from the No Rules Blog Party. Looks like a good year. Happy new year! :)




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