Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My realization about kohls

A couple days ago, I decided to face the crowds. I was honestly scared for my life before going... I went to Kohls on the Saturday before Christmas. {Insert horror music here}

Of course, while I'm there... I just HAD to look at items for myself. I did buy a couple new things, in addition to the gift I was picking up. ($35 for myself versus the $15 gift.. that's not bad, right? RIGHT?)

Here's what I got:

Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about my purchases. 

But... I did go into the dressing room with, like, a BAZILLION items. (Yes, Bazillion is a word... I 
think I heard it in Calculus or some other really smart math class). 

I mostly had items LC Lauren Conrad (which is my favorite.. check out my 
Most Blogged About Fashion Brands). I also had items from Rock & Republic and Jennifer Lopez 

While I was in the dressing room, I got to thinking...

When I started shopping at Kohls a few years ago, I had such a hard time. I am in that "Not Juniors,
but Not Womens" stage of clothing. When we first got a Kohls in my town, it was either one extreme  
or the other. And I really didn't like it!

But then a miraculous thing happened... Lauren Conrad came out with her own line for Kohls. 

And then another brand, and another popped up. They all seemed to be more geared for my age 
range, even though they're considered Women's clothing.    But, on my journey of discovering 
these new clothing brands... I've discovered some other things.

What I've discovered is... LC Lauren Conrad is my ABSOLUTE favorite brand at Kohls, still; Rock 
and Republic has some awesome styles, but does anyone else agree that they're clothes fit weird?
You'd think that for such a mainstream brand, their clothes would fit a little better; and Jennifer 
Lopez has some awesome styles, but none of it is meant to be worn. Her clothes fall apart and just  
aren't logical. I've already returned one shirt from her line after only a day of wearing it because the 
accents were falling off the sweater. 

I don't wear a whole lot from other lines at Kohls, besides SO, which is a junior's brand (Mostly my  
basics). But, this is just what I've discovered. I mean, I like Rock & Republic and Jennifer 
Lopez Collection, but they just don't make sense for the average American Women! 

I would love to hear from anyone who disagrees with me. I would be willing to give both lines a  
second chance... but, no one will ever take the place of my beloved Lauren Conrad. :)   

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  1. Couldn't agree more about the clothes fitting weird....and it doesn't seem to matter what brand you buy at the store. I normally wear a size three, but I've learned that if I shop at Kohl's, my size 3 is actually a Kohl's size 5 or 7. Not only that, but sometimes one pant leg is a little tighter than the other. My daughter has the same problem, and again, it doesn't matter what brand it is, it's a universal "weird" fit.



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