Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My very relaxing day

I really wanted to talk about just how great my day was. Not too brag or anything, but I had a really surprisingly good day! 

I decided to look for a new chiropractor. We moved last spring and my old one is too far out of my way to justify going, especially when I feel like she really did anything. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I always hear about how good people feel when they leave the chiropractor and I never felt as great as I expected I should. So, one of the girls at work recommended someone to me. She didn't actually do any adjusting today... but she has a hydro bed. I have now dubbed it the greatest invention on Earth.

The picture is kind of what she had, expect that it was only for the back. When you lay down, it is heated and I guess jets of water and massaging your back through a thick piece of waterproof fabric. The nurse set the bed for 12 minutes and turned down the lights... and I was able to relax almost completely. I'm not sure I will be able to enjoy the hydro bed during every appointment, but I thoroughly enjoyed it today. However, I will say that when it was done... my back itched almost uncontrollably! I think it was from all the blood drawn to my back, but it was such a silly feeling!

Not realizing I would get to spend time on the hydro bed, I also had an appointment scheduled for my first professional massage. A couple weeks ago, my boss hired a massage therapist to come in and give each of us employees a 15 minute chair massage. The lady who came did wonders on my neck (same reason I'm visiting my new & improved chiropractor). I quickly scheduled an appointment, and ended up not getting the same girl... but I enjoyed a 60 minute relaxation massage

I didn't know what to expect... so I guess I could have prepared a little more (like shaving up higher than just my knee). Let's just say that when she was massaging my legs, all I could think about was wondering just how hairy my legs were. Despite that fact, I will say that it was my favorite part of the massage! Well, except for the part that literally made me feel better, i.e. when she worked on my neck. 

Let's just say that I REALLY wished I would have magically ended up in my bed instead of spending 20 minutes driving home. 

While I was laying there during my massage... I just really started thinking about how knowledgeable both professionals were. The first was extremely knowledgeable about my bones and how they were affecting my well-being. The second, I could tell that she knew my muscles because she knew exactly where to concentrate. For both, it was like they could see past my skin to know exactly what was going on. I just couldn't imagine being able to do that!

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  1. Massage! I've never gotten a massage before, but now I want to try... and I wonder if you can enjoy a hydro bed without going to a chiropractor... do they have hydro bed spas? Because it sounds dreamy relaxing!



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