Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Gifts from my Honey

I seriously have the best honey ever... He decided tonight that he wanted to exchange gifts
because he just couldn't wait any longer. Of course, I agreed (even though I didn't have all
of his gifts wrapped yet). Here is what I received from him:

The Switch:
Okay, I'll be honest. It's been awhile since I've seen this movie.. It actually took me a couple
minutes to remember what it was even about. But, he remembered that when we rented it,
that I thought it was pretty funny. The fact that he remembered (more than I even did!) made
me appreciate the gift even more!
21 Qt. Stock Pot:
Sooo... He thought he bought me a canner. Its okay though. He tried :) And it looks just like
the canner that his parents own. We can definitely use it as a canner, though. We just need to
find something to use as a rack.. this will just make the process much easier.

Viva la Juicy Set:
I am OBSESSED with Viva la Juicy. I first smelled it right before Christmas last year, and
by then, it was too late. This perfume is probably the only thing I have talked about for the
past year. Not going to lie, I screamed a little when I unwrapped the box.

Sauder Woodworking Furniture:
First, he bought me a storage cabinet. He remembered that I mentioned I wanted one to
store all of my Scentsy stock in. Apparently, carrying this box, by himself, almost killed him
because it was very heavy (the box is about 7 ft. tall). But then, he went and bought me a
coffee table/end tables and a matching tv stand. When we moved into our house almost a year
ago, we started with just about no furniture. We've haven't had any living room tables (we did
have a tv stand) the entire time, an I have always been on the lookout. Now, I need decor for
my new tables. :)

On a side note: He bought our dog, Colt, one of those pre-made dog toy stockings from
Wal-mart for about $5. Let's just say we gave him his gift first, about 3 hours ago, and he's
already destroyed most of the toys inside the stocking. Destructive little puppy!

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