Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday inspirations; number three

I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is a country boy. And all of his friends are country boys. And all of their girlfriends' are country girls. I've been around a lot of country here lately. I wouldn't say I'm super chic but I do try to have a little style, and if you can't tell, I prefer more eclectic, bohemian style. I love weird shapes. Flannel is kind of growing on me though! Therefore, I would like to feature Flannel as my fashion inspiration!

Lightweight Plaid Flannel Shirt from American Eagle

Studded Flannel Crop Shirt from Victoria's Secret

Staple Flannel Wrap from Billabong at PacSun

Wool Origami Sheath Dress from J.Crew

Flannel Tux Short from J.Crew

Madras by A.P.C. Plaid Skirt at Urban Outfitters

Hottem Gray 2 Tone Flannel Military Boot from Blowfish at Lulu's

"Clover" Flannel Felt Flats from Rocket Dog at Ruche

BDG Solid Tartan Tote at Urban Outfitters

& Now for a little bit of my own flannel!
From One Year ago!

1 comment:

  1. Flannel blogs are the new meme...

    I really like that J. Crew Origami dress - too cute.



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