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Who Knew? Not Only Is Olive Oil Delicious in Cooking, But Its Great For You Skin! Part 2

Okay, I'm all settled in at work.  Its been a slow night so far, so I've been watching an episode of Desperate Housewives online.  But, I've decided to go ahead and finish the article on Olive Oil.

Just a short recap on the last article:
I used Pure Olive Oil as a hair mask before showering earlier.  Olive Oil is supposed to moisturize and repair hair, as well as give it shine.  I only used about 3-4 tablespoons (my hair is pretty short, its sitting just about my shoulders) and let it soak into my hair for about a half hour before showering like normal.

My Results:
I like the results of this soooo much better than the Mayo hair mask, although its still not perfect.  My hair is super shiny and my color looks vibrant and it really soft.  On the downside though, it feels a bit heavy, I have no volume, and its not holding style very well.  Also, one thing that the Olive Oil is supposed to do, that I didn't see a change in, is repair split ends.  This may just mostly be from continued use, so I don't really consider this a downside.  However, this is definitely not something I would do too often, but if I ever have a day where I might consider putting my hair up (I just straightened it tonight) or its feeling exceptionally dry, then I think I would do this again.  Also, I think next time I try this, I'm going to see if it works better to just apply the olive oil to the ends of my hair, instead of all over.  It might keep it from feeling to heavy.

Difference between EVOO and Pure
From what I have gathered, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is like, the best-of-the-best.  The oil is made from mashing olives... so essentially, Extra Virgin is from this first "mashing" or the first "cold-press".  Pure Olive oil is also cold pressed, but this oil is usually made from the second pressing.  After finding out this information, I would most definitely recommend using Extra Virgin if you can.  The level of nutrients are going to be so much higher, because its not the remnants, like pure olive oil is.  I had always thought the opposite, because if its "pure" then it has to be the best, right? 

Other Beauty Uses for Olive Oil
Okay... I searched the web, far and wide, and I've compiled a list of other uses for Olive Oil, because this stuff is truly versatile and amazing.  How many other things in nature can have this many uses?  How many commercial products have this many uses?  I would recommend that instead of going out and buying hair masks, eye make-up remover, lotions/serums, and cuticle cream (and if you're me, then you're probably willing to spend quite a bit on these to get quality), go out buy a bottle of olive oil and see how far it gets you.  I know the first time I set out to buy olive oil (for cooking, by the way), when I saw the price, I was surprised by how expensive it was compared to food in general, let alone other oils.  But think about how much you're spending on all these individual products and how much you're spending for that one bottle and compare.  I'm almost positive you would be saving money.... so, why not give it a try? 

  • Use as a hair mask, just as I did.  Or, if you're in need of some intensive moisturization, put some throughout your hair before going to bed.  I would recommend sleeping in a shower cap or something, because some of the oil might transfer to your pillowcase.  But then when you wake up, shower and get ready for the day, as you normally would.
  • Use a small amount on dry hair when you're feeling a little frizzy.  The oil will tame your crazy mane!  Just be careful not to apply too much.  While your hair will absorb it, it might take awhile.  So start with very little, you can always add more, but you can never take away (unless you feel like showering again!)
  • I've also read that Olive Oil is great for Dandruff...and after thinking about this, it makes sense.  Olive Oil contains Vitamin E, and Vitamin E is known for its healing affects.  Now, I've read a couple different ways to prepare the Olive Oil if you're going to use it for this purpose.  The most common seems to be to combine it with Almond Oil.  But I've also read that you can use Lemon Juice as well.  Whatever you decide to do, you would take some of the oil mixture with your fingertips and massage your scalp with it, then let it sit.  I'd say that you're the best judge of how long it should sit, because I truly think it depends on how bad your dandruff is, but until it dries is a good rule of thumb.  Then you would just rinse out as normal.  Then I would recommend using Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo & Conditioner!
Okay, so before I continue about our little journey through the many uses of Olive Oil, I would like to introduce you to a product!  I am on google, looking at the shopping results for Olive Oil based Hair Care products, which were inspired by the one I'm going to tell you about, but I just wanted to do a little summarizing.  The first three products that are showing up on my page are for root stimulators.  The next few are for conditioners and deep treatments, and the prices range from $2 to $55.  So you could try these products, which probably contain some level of harmful chemicals, or use some plain EVOO and achieve the same results.

Anyways the product that I wanted to quickly discuss was CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Silk.  (Once again, I am in no way affiliated with CHI).  The only reason I decided to highlight this product is because I have CHI's "unnatural" version at home, Silk Infusion.  I didn't realize they had an organic line when I bought it.  If you're interested in using a product meant for your hair, then I might recommend this one.  I went ahead and put it into Cosmetic Database, and it received a rating of 4.  Keep in mind, this isn't just Olive Oil... it also contains some chemicals.  Propylene Glycol is in this product.  Propylene Glycol is a petroleum-based chemical ... and with most petroleums, the molecules are usually too big to be absorbed into your skin, so they just sit there.  Think Baby Oil, which is usually made of Mineral Oil.. think of how slick and oily it makes your skin.  So, this product might not be absorbed into your hair all that well, but I haven't tried it.  Okay... enough rambling...

  •  Slather some on your hands and go to sleep.. I would recommend sleeping in gloves if you're going to do this, pretty much for the same reason as why you'd sleep with a shower cap.  But the olive oil will be great for your hands, especially if you have an calluses!
  • Soak your nails in a small amount of olive oil for a couple minutes.  This will help strengthen & repair your nails and soften your cuticles.  Great!
  • Much like using olive oil on your hands, you can do the same for your feet and slip on some socks.  I have really rough heels, and I think I may try this.  But they even make those socks now that are just for the purpose of sleeping with foot creams on.  Definitely worth a try!
Face & Skin
  • The most interesting one I've read is that you can use Olive Oil as a sunscreen!  While I've never heard of any SPF affiliated with Olive Oil, I'd say this is definitely worth a try...maybe start out with a little time in the sun and see how this works?  I'd love to hear your results!
  • Apparently if you mix olive oil and vinegar, this is a great treatment for sunburns.  I was actually going to try this tonight while I was getting ready for work, but I just didn't have the time.  I know that vinegar is good for sunburns.  My mother had spent a day landscaping in front of her house and received a severe sunburn.  To take care of the "burn" feeling, she would just pour vinegar onto her back.  I can understand why you would combine it with olive oil though!  Remember the healing properties Vitamin E?
  • Try using some on your lips to smooth & moisturize!
  • I've seen on youtube videos and websites, that olive oil makes a great eye make-up remover.  Just pour some on a Q-tip or Cotton Swab and rub on your eye make-up.  My only suggestion is not to put a soiled  cotton back in contact with the oil... especially if this is the same oil you're using to cook with.  You don't want to spread germs!
  • Rub some Olive Oil on part of your body that may be dry, especially the heels and elbows.  Just remember, that depending on how dry the area is, depends on how quickly the oil will absorb.  It may take awhile if the area is already moisturized, just like any lotion.  
  • Mix some with your bath water!  This sounds like a real treat.  Just keep in mind not to use too much!  1/4 cup?
So There It Is!
I have just given you some great uses for such an everyday product that you should already have at home!  Pretty much everything I have listed, besides the dandruff, treatment uses just olive oil.... although there are many recipes online that you can throw together to make even more luxurious treatments.  That would be a kick-ass idea for a girls spa night!  Just remember that bacteria is a serious thing... so never reintroduce used olive oil to the bottle, like, when using a cotton ball.  And store your olive oil in a cool place, so it will keep longer.  We keep ours in a cupboard, away from the oven & stove.  Good luck and let me know your results!

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