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Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo & Conditioner

 The first product profile that I would like to provide for you is Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Threat Shampoo and Conditioner.  I am getting the feeling that this particular shampoo and conditioner is the most popular of all the Giovanni Hair Care products, although it's safe to say that I am in no way related to the company or have any access to their financial records, so another product may be their big revenue maker.  Anyways, according to Giovanni's website, this set is "tri-functional"  and its purpose is to clarify and soothe the scalp.  So, if you have dandruff, this may be the product for you!  I think the most noticable is the peppermint smell... Its not too overpowering, nor is it too weak.  I did notice that when my allergies were acting up, and I was all sorts of stuffed up, these products, along with the steam from the shower, did a great job of clearing up my sinuses.  This is what it says under the profile for the conditioner:  "A natural blend of essential oils, minerals, vegetable proteins, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oils. Nourishes and restores strength and shine. Tingly sensation invigorates the scalp."

A Little Background...
So, just a little background on the company... Giovanni has an entire line of hair and body care products, although it looks to me that their primary focus is on the hair care.  They do incorporate the essential oils and vitamins and herbs into their product, as opposed to synthetically engineering them.  On their website, they claim that they do not use any Sodium Lauryl Sulfates/Sodium Laureth Sulfates, Phalates, or synthetic fragrances.  It's also important to note that they say they do not test on animals.  The two products that I am profiling, are considered part of their Four Elements line.

One thing you'll notice immediately about their products is their packaging.  They don't use conventional packaging by any means.  The Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner are packaged in a rectangular bottle, that is wider at the bottom and narrows towards the top, if this makes any sense.  The  back of the shampoo bottle indicates that this is mostly a clarifying shampoo with some moisturizing properties, and the conditioner indicates that on a spectrum of conditioning, its more of a light conditioner.

What Cosmetic Database has to say:
If you haven't checked out cosmetic database, its a really great site that can give you more information about the ingredients used in a variety of products.  Pretty much anything you can think of is on there, and if its not, you can put it in yourself.  I usually do, because I don't know who entered information on products already on the site... But anyways, after everything is entered, it'll give you a rating of toxicity, from 0-10 with 10 being the worst.  When I entered the information for the Shampoo, I got a rating of 3... which is pretty good.  I did notice, that there really are a lot of extracts in this product, just like the website says, most of which are certified organic.  Then the conditioner is considered a 5... only because as soon as their database sees the word "Fragrance", it assumes its synthetic (but the bottle does say its from essential oils).  So I redid the average score, without including the fragrance and got a rating of 1.

Final Review!
So, I didn't do an intensive search, but I wasn't able to find any bad reviews besides some people thinking it was expensive.  When I purchased this set, they were bundled together in a "Buy the Shampoo, Get a Conditioner Free".. so it was like just over $10 before tax.  So, personally, I didn't think this was a bad value... but I wouldn't think buying each for $10 would be a bad value (but then again, this is coming from someone who has paid as much as $28 for just shampoo).  I do like this product, because its pretty readily available... I purchased mine from Meijer, but I know I've seen it at drugstores (Rite-Aid, specifically).  I will say that I know its not at Wal-mart.

Okay, so finally... my review of the product.  This set is exactly what it says it is.  So, if you're looking for hair care products, this is not the one for you.  But like I previously mentioned, the smell is great because its not too overpowering.  I've had this set for quite awhile... I think I purchased it way back in April.  So far, I'm just over half way through the Shampoo (total of 8.5 ounces) but the conditioner is almost gone.  That's my only complaint, that I used the conditioner that much faster than the shampoo, which isn't normal for me.  But I do think that if you need some clarifying products, this is definitely one that you should consider!

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Giovanni Cosmetics
Cosmetic Database

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