Monday, October 04, 2010

Say Yes To Carrots: Pampering Hair Mud Conditioner

Awhile back, I had looked into using the Say Yes To Carrots hair line. This was probably about two years ago. I looked at the ingredients on the shampoo, set it back on the shelf, and walked away. It contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate! I was disgusted...

I stopped into Walgreen the other day, because the hair conditioner I have been using is absolutely horrible one and I was just fed up. I went back and picked up a tube of Everpure, and as I was walking all of the Say Yes To Carrots products in the skincare aisle caught my eye. I originally grabbed the packet of cleansing cloths, but then I noticed Pampering Mud Conditioner.

Of course, the first thing I did was to check out the ingredients, and I didn't see anything that jumped out as harmful. Just to be sure, I just ran it through Cosmetic Database, and it received a 4... and this is entirely because of that evil ingredient "fragrance".

Okay, so here are my thoughts.
For the most part, I am enjoying this conditioner, although its still not the best I have ever used.

It feels really good while its on my hair, like my hair is really soaking it up. And then, for the most part, while its rinsing, it feels good. My hair stays pretty soft... but it just aggravates me that one of the things it says it does, it really hasn't at all. It claims it untangles, but my hair is horrible to comb through after the shower!

I think this is just one of those products that really needs to be paired with the right shampoo. I'm still using a Lush shampoo, which tends to strip my hair, so maybe with a more moisturizing shampoo, it won't be such an issue. This one is a ton better than the other conditioner I had, so I'll definitely at least use up this bottle.

Go out and try this one... especially now that their products are SLS free, it sounds like I can support their company again!

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